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This page contains the central list of the documents in KFS used most frequently. 

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KFS Document Document Type Code Purpose/Use
Account ACCT Create a new account or edit or copy existing accounts; assign a Fiscal Officer (Account Manager) to an account
Account Delegate ADEL Create or modify an account delegate, or add an additional delegate to an account; an account delegate is an individual who the fiscal officer has determined may approve transactions on their behalf
Account Delegate Global GDLG Create or modify an account delegate for a group of accounts at one time. Note: Any changes made on this document will override (remove) any existing delegations set up for the specified account(s).
Account Delegate Model GDLM This document may be helpful for departments that have a complex but consistent delegation model and frequently create new accounts (e.g., department involved in sponsored research: each new grant = at least one new account)
Account Delegate Global from Model GDLG Assign one or more accounts to the delegation(s) established on the Account Delegate Model document.
Account Global GACC Assign identical attributes to multiple accounts on a single document, such as updating the Fiscal Officer on a group of accounts. Note: this document is not used to create a new account, the Account document should be used
Advance Deposit AD LIMITED ACCESS DOCUMENT: The Advance Deposit document is used for departmental deposits of currency and checks that are being made directly to a bank and NOT at one of the Cashier's Offices (Davis campus or UCDMC). This document is processed AFTER the deposit has been made at the bank.
Amendment (Change Order) -- There aren't specific documents for making changes to a Purchase Order (no Change Purchase Order or Redistribute Purchasing Liens documents. Changes can be made by searching for the Purchase Order and then clicking the Amend button at the bottom of the document. Changes can include account and item changes and be made to both Automatic Purchase Orders and Purchase Orders created by Purchasing. The amendments will route in the same fashion as did the original documents.
Application APP Used by the Cashier's Office to apply payment to a specific invoice.  Also used by departments to manage Unapplied payments (overpayments).
Application Adjustment APPA Used to adjust a previously-created payment application.
Asset CASM Used by asset representatives to update information on an asset in CAMS. It is used by other FIS users to view (but not update) information on an asset.

In addition to updating asset information, this screen is also by asset representatives to process Equipment Loans/Returns, and Asset Transfers.

Asset Custodial Code CMCC Allows asset representatives to update information on the custodial code(s) (cost center) for which they are assigned. Other FIS users can view (but not edit) custodial code information.

NOTE: Requests to add or delete custodial codes are processed on the Custodial Code Request form.

Asset Fabrication FR This document is created by an FIS user to record an "asset under construction" by a campus department.
Asset Global (Add) AA Allows FIS users to add an asset (or group of assets at one time) to KFS.
Asset Location Global ALOC Allows asset representative to update an asset location (room and building information) on an asset (or group of assets) at one time.
Asset Payment APDT Used by Capital Asset Accounting to post payments to specific assets.

Used by other FIS users to view payment history against a specific asset.

Asset Retirement Global ARG Allows FIS users to retire a group of asset numbers on a single document.
Asset Transfer Global ATG Allows asset representative to transfer a group of asset numbers on a single document.
Auxiliary Voucher AVAE Used to post accrual entries to the general ledger that must be reversed in a designated month following the posting period. It is not used to accrue equipment on UCD purchasing documents or office space operating leases.
Award AWRD Normal access KFS users do not have the ability to create a new award, but they can use the Award Lookup to search for awards based on a variety of criteria, including: Originating Office, Agency Number, Award Account Number, and Sub-Fund Group Code.
Billing ID UCBI Create or modify a Billing ID (e.g., used for department recharges) for an account
Budget Adjustment BA The BA document establishes or modifies the current or permanent/base budget for an account.  This document can be used to establish a base budget for a new account that has been created or it can be used to modify the base budget to indicate an anticipated change in the budget construction (detail budget) process for the following year.

This document can also be used to initiate or modify the current operating budget for an account.

Credit Card Receipt CCR The Credit Card Receipt (CCR) is a system-created document for departments with active merchant accounts. CCR documents are not accessible as stand-alone documents. The KFS Credit Card Receipt (CCR) document records settled credit card transactions automatically. 

This document routes for approval (fiscal officer/organization review), but will auto-approve if all approvers have not taken action on it within 5 calendar days from the date listed in the Created field.  The CCR document acts as a "distribution of income" document and allows any member of the departmental credit card workgroup to move the credit to one or more other accounts/sub-accounts, etc.

Customer CUS Identifies individual customers and provides their tax information, contact name, and address information.
Customer Credit Memo   Allows a user to select a particular customer Invoice record and then specify an amount to be credited against an open invoice.
Customer Invoice INV Alows a user to create an invoice to a customer from your organization.
Customer Invoice Writeoff INVW Facilitates the entry and tracking of writeoff information.
Customer Invoice Item Code IICO Identifier that is used to set up default information for items or services being invoiced in the Customer Invoice document. Populating this code in the Invoice Item Code field on an accounting line of the invoice will bring in the default values associated with that item code saving the user from manually entering the information on the accounting line. All fields on the accounting line of the invoice (except for Service Billing Date) can be set up as a default value using the item code.
Disbursement Voucher DV Used to make payments not related to the procurement of goods or services. Common uses include: Research Study Payments, Memberships, and Honoraria (for non-university individuals). The DV is also used for travel or entertainment-related expenses that aren't paid through the campus AggieExpense system.
Distribution of Income and Expense DI Reallocates income and expense or assets and liabilities from one central account to several other accounts within the same organization. Cannot be used for transfers citing Federal accounts (General Error Correction should be used for Federal account transfers).
General Error Correction GEC Used to correct inappropriate or erroneous accounting string data for general ledger entries generated from other financial transactions
Group -- Create or modify an existing Group within KFS.  Groups are a selection of individuals who share the collective responsibility of reviewing and/or approving documents; after a group is created, an Organization Review document should be processed to establish routing to the group.
Internal Billing IB Used by authorized recharge units/departments to bill for goods or services provided by one university department to another university department; reflects income to the provider and expense to the customer
KFS User KFSU Set up or deactivate access for a KFS user. A KFS user account grants the user access to KFS.
Line Item Receiving RCV Used to record receipt of quantity-based Purchase Orders (POs).  Optional for most purchases.  Required for purchases of capital equipment (items at or above $5000) and POs with a total amount of $10,000 or more.
Organization ORGN Create or modify an Organization code; an organization can be any level within the university (i.e., a department)
Organization Accounting Default OADF Used to define billing organization accounting line defaults for the Customer Invoice and Customer Invoice Writeoff documents.
Organization Options OOPT Used to set up a 'billing organization' so that users within that organization can create AR documents appropriate to the billing function. This document also allows you to define other data elements that carry forward to the customer invoice, such as payment terms, print options, organization messages appropriate for display on the invoice, remittance information, and the billing organization's phone number(s).
Organization Review OR Create or modify document approvers' and reviewers' attributes for an organization; organization review entries are used by organizations to customize the routing of transaction documents for approval or review, based on attributes such as document type and dollar amount.
Payment Request PREQ Used to make payments against a Purchase Order. When a valid Purchase Order number is entered on this document, information from the original order is defaulted on the document.
Pre-Encumbrance PE Used to earmark funds for which unofficial commitments have already been made, setting aside amounts for future anticipated expenses that might not otherwise be encumbered.

Also used to disencumber open encumbrances created with the Pre-Encumbrance document.

Procurement Card PCDO Previously, this document was automatically created by KFS when a Purchasing Card transaction occurred.  This process has transitioned to AggieExpense.  
Procurement Cardholder PCDH Used to change the default accounting information assigned to a Purchasing Card.
Project Code PROJ Create or modify a Project code; a project code is used to represent a one-time, or intermittent departmental event or activity
Purchase Agreement PA

Used to submit a vendor agreement that needs a university signature from a buyer, as well as to initiate Business and Revenue agreements.  

Please note that this document is not used to purchase against an already-established agreement. Purchases against campus or UC system-wide agreements are done on the KFS Requisition document.

As of 1/30/23, the Purchase Agreement is no longer used to create a departmental Blanket Order request; the Requisition is to be used instead.

Requisition REQS

The KFS Requisition (REQS) document is used to purchase goods and services from outside vendors (suppliers), including the procurement of repair services.  

The Requisition is also used to purchase against a campus or UC system-wide agreement.

As of 1/30/23, the Requisition is used to create a departmental Blanket Order request.

Role -- Lookup only, not a document. View the various roles and permissions in KFS.
Sub-Account SACC Create or modify a Sub-Account; sub-accounts allow departments to subdivide accounts for better tracking of detailed budgets and expenses
Sub-Object Code SOBJ Create or modify a Sub-Object code; sub-object codes allow departments to specify a more detailed breakdown of an object code
Sub-Object Code Global GSOB Assign a Sub-object code to a group of accounts at one time
Vendor PVEN Used to create a new vendor (supplier) record in KFS or to modify an existing vendor (supplier) record in KFS.  Vendor documents route to Procurement & Contracting Services for review and approval. 
Vendor Credit Memo CM Used to record a credit from a vendor (supplier); the credit can be issued against a Purchase Order, a previous Payment Request document, or to a specific vendor (supplier).