Direct Deposit

Payments made to students through MyBill are eligible for direct deposit.

> UC Davis has a new direct deposit system. Every student who already had direct deposit must re-enroll by July 15 for summer and fall 2022 refunds.  
> Students starting classes in July 2022 should enroll in both systems to avoid any interruption in direct deposit refunds. The current system will remain active until July 31. 

Interested students can sign up for this service online at MyBill using their UC Davis login ID and Kerberos password. Please note that if you are currently signed up for direct deposit to receive your UC Davis paycheck, you will have to sign up separately to receive direct deposit of your student refunds.

Direct Deposit Enrollment Reference Guide

Why Direct Deposit?

  • Safe and secure method of payment
  • Improves service delivery
  • Funds are available upon deposit

Payment Notifications

All notifications to direct deposit recipients are made via email. When the direct deposit participant establishes the service, they are asked to provide an email address. Any changes made to their service, or payments made to their account, will generate an email notification. Participants can sign up without an e-mail address, but they will not receive any notifications; therefore, it is strongly recommended that an email address be provided.

Payment notifications do not contain any sensitive information. Notifications of payment will simply direct the participant to login to MyBill, to get the details of the transaction. There will be no printed payment confirmation (such as the SurePay statement) sent to the recipient.

Note: Student Refund direct deposit enrollments will automatically expire 365 days after the last account activity. The student will need to re-enroll in order to continue to receive direct deposit.

Direct Deposit FAQs

  • What do I do if there is a problem with my Direct Deposit?
  • If you have a problem with your Direct Deposit, such as not receiving it or having it go to the wrong account, contact the following as appropriate for the payment:

    >  Employee Payroll Payments - Payroll Services, or 530-752-7750
    >  Expense Reimbursements - Accounts Payable, or 530-757-8580
    >  Student Financial Aid Payments - Student Accounting or 530-752-3646

  • How do I know when my payment has been deposited?
  • You will be notified of a deposit as follows:
    >  Employee Payroll Payments - Check your statements online at AYSO
    >  Expense Reimbursements - You will be notified by email
    >  Student Financial Aid Payments - You will be notified by email
  • When do I have access to the money?
  • Typically, your payment is available the day it is deposited. Contact your banking institution for confirmation.

  • How can I reduce the number of attachments that are sent with a vendor payment? How can I ensure that a vendor knows what a payment is for?
  • Some users request that attachments be sent with a vendor payment in order to ensure that a vendor knows what the payment is for. Attachments slow the payment process, and in many cases are not required by the vendor. If you want to be sure that a payment is posted for the correct reason, use the Payment Purpose Text field on your AP document. This field holds 120 characters, but the first 40 characters appear on the printed check to the vendor! Common uses for this field include a membership number or name, a registration ID number, a conference name or venue, or a utility account number; basically any reason why the payment is being made.
    There may be times when you are paying for something that does not have an invoice number associated with it. In those cases, you can include the payment purpose information in the Invoice Num field. If paying a utility bill without an invoice number, enter the utility account number in the Invoice Num field. The contents of this field also appear on the printed check to the vendor, but this field only holds 15 characters.
  • If I sign up for Direct Deposit, how can I be sure that no one will have access to my account?
  • Only authorized UC Davis staff have access to post activity to your account.
  • Can I divide a payment among different accounts if I use Direct Deposit?
  • No, you can only indicate one account for your payment. Your banking institution may be able to assist you with their automatic transfer services
  • How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?
  • Visit to proceed with Direct Deposit enrollment of Student Refunds. A UC Davis login ID and Kerberos passphrase are required. See the instructions on the Payroll website to proceed with Direct Deposit enrollment of Employee Payroll Earnings.
  • When is the Direct Deposit Web site available?
  • The website is up 24/7 unless there are periods where the underlying databases must be taken down for routine Maintenance. For this, we reserve 77:15 p.m. each day and midnight to 6 a.m. on Sundays. Additionally, enrollment or cancellation of student services may be down from midnight to 9 a.m. on Saturdays.
  • How do I change my bank account information?
  • Visit and select the Refunds tab. A UC Davis login ID and Kerberos password are required. For student access, a student ID is also required. See the instructions on the Payroll website to proceed with Direct Deposit changes of Employee Payroll Earnings.
  • How do I cancel my enrollment in Direct Deposit?
  • Visit A UC Davis login ID and Kerberos password are required. For student access, a student ID is also required. See the instructions on the Payroll website to proceed with Direct Deposit cancellation of Employee Payroll Earnings.
  • How long do Direct Deposit enrollments remain active?
  • Student refund enrollments expire after a student looses access to their kerberos and passphrase.  Employee reimbursements expire after 720 days.
  • How long does it take after enrollment for direct deposit to become active?
  • Activation for Direct Deposit for non-payroll payments can take as little as three business days. Direct deposit of Payroll Earnings (at AYSO) will take approximately 3-4 weeks to be active. Follow up with your department payroll coordinator 2-3 weeks AFTER enrolling online to confirm your enrollment and receive an activation date.