Distribution of Income and Expense Document Help

The Distribution of Income and Expense (DI) document reallocates income and expense or assets and liabilities from one central account to several other accounts within the same organization.

This document is often used to split expenses associated with a system that only allows one account per item. You can use the DI document to move the expense to multiple accounts.

The DI cannot be used for transfers citing Federal accounts (General Error Correction should be used for Federal account transfers).  Federal accounts are comprised of any accounts assigned to a UC Fund with Sub Fund Group Type Rollup Code FEDWFEDAPP:

  • B: Federal Appropriations
  • C: Federal Contracts
  • F: Federal Grants
  • N: State Government FFT
  • V: Local Government FFT
  • W: Private Grants FFT
  • X: Private Contracts FFT

Entering the Reference Document Number in KFS

The Reference Document Number field reflects the number of the document that the transaction originally appeared on. This can be for a document that originated in KFS, or it can be for a document that originated outside of KFS on a feed. 
 To locate a feed number:

  • Run the Feeder System Transaction Detail (212) in FIS Decision Support for the account and desired time period to locate the expense.
  • On the resulting report, the transactions will be broken down by a two-digit alphanumeric code identifying where they originated (e.g., Facilities, Communication Resources, etc.). Locate the specific expense you are transferring.
  • On your KFS document, the origin code indicated in FIS Decision Support should be entered in the Reference Origin Code field. The document number listed in FIS Decision Support should be entered in the Reference Document Number field. The number must be entered as described, or the system will not recognize the number.

Note: Accounting lines using object code 72RS for allocating administrative costs will not require the reference document information.

Changing Object Code 0060 (Income)

In order to ensure that financial transactions posting to Object code 0060 (Income) are not incorrectly changed, please follow the instructions below:

  • If moving a transaction from object code 0060 (Income) to another account/sub account etc, but leaving the object code as 0060, you may process a Distribution of Income and Expense (DI) document.
  • If you want to change a transaction object code from 0060 to an expense or expense reimbursement, please contact General Accounting before proceeding

Year End Documents

During fiscal close, there is a Year End version of the Distribution of Income and Expense (DI)document in the Year End Transactions section of the Main Menu. If you need to post a Year End Distribution of Income and Expense during year end fiscal close, please complete the Year End Distribution of Income and Expense document.

Distribution of Income and Expense: Capital Asset Transactions

  • Enter your non-capital transactions and capital transactions on separate documents.
  • On the DI document you can only modify existing assets; you cannot create new assets.
  • After you have entered all of your accounting lines, click on Refresh on the Accounting Lines for Capitalization tab before proceeding any further.
  • If you need to make a correction in the Accounting Lines, after you have completed the Accounting Lines for Capitalization tab, delete all the capital asset info, refresh, and then re-add the Asset Number.
  • If you have multiple target and/or source accounts with Object 9000 and multiple assets to distribute to and you do not want to distribute the accounts evenly between the asset(s), you must process multiple documents. For example, you want to put all $10,000 from account A to asset number 1234 and all $15,000 from account B to asset number 5678, then you must do this transaction in two separate documents.

Modify Capital Assets tab

  • In the Asset Number field in the Modify Capital Assets tab you must enter the KFS Asset Number(not the UCOP tag #). If you don't know what the KFS Asset Number is use the magnifying glass icon to do a lookup.
  • You MUST use the Lookup/Add Multiple Capital Asset Lines in the Modify Capital Assets tab if you are going to distribute the accounting lines to more than one capital asset.
  • The Modify Capital Assets tab is entered in absolute values. For example, if your total "From" Account A, object 9000 in the Accounting Lines tab is ($25,000) and your total "To" Account B, object 9000 is $25,000, then you must allocate $50,000 in the Modify Capital Assets tab.

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