Core Finance and Budget Courses

Core Finance and Budget Courses

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Internal Controls at UC Davis

This course, aimed at any UC Davis employee managing university resources, teaches you what internal controls are and how UC Davis uses them. It highlights how internal controls should be used within each UC Davis department and unit. Online (eLearning) 45 min Learn More

Recharge at UC Davis

Designed for units interested in starting a new recharge operation, this course provides guidance for analyzing the viability of a potential recharge operation and steps for calculating expenses and rates. Online (eLearning) 35 min Learn More

Foundations of Financial Accounting and Reporting

Introduction to the basic accounting principles that guide the University’s financial policies and procedures. Online
40 min

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Budget Concepts – Deploying Resources to Support Your Plans

Gain a deeper understanding of why we budget, what a budget is, how to determine the right level at which to plan, and how budgets support strategic plans and unit/program goals. Learn about a number of budget methods and models used in higher education and how they can be applied or understood in the context of your unit. Video 60 min Watch Video

Accounting Concepts

In this session, we review the basic accounting principles that guide the university’s financial policies and procedures. We also discuss GAAP, GASB, NACUBO, double entry accounting, and matching principles.  Video 36 min

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Account Attributes

Learn the attributes that make up the chart of accounts and the importance of each within financial reporting. In this section, topics such as UC account, UC fund, Higher Education Function Code, and object codes are covered. Video 35 min Watch Video

Budget Creation Cycle

In this session, we used interactive scenarios to work collaboratively with colleagues from across the campus to identify, learn, and practice techniques for developing budget plans. This session emphasizes the influence of your environment, stakeholders, and decision makers in how a budget plan is developed and evaluated within the context of an organization. Video 1hr 5 min

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Financial Reporting

Learn about the financial statements and financial schedules produced by the university and how the work done across UC Davis supports this effort. In addition, learn about the fiscal close process and related timelines for units and the central office, as well as tips for getting ahead of this process to avoid the time crunch. In this session, we also spend some time understanding the composite benefit rate and the indirect cost rate and how this works at UC Davis. Video 48 min Watch Video

Bringing Budget and Accounting Together

Learn about how accounting concepts and budget concepts come together to support both financial planning and the analysis of financial outcomes. In this session, we also touch on Aggie Budget and the importance of KFS Organizations. Video 33 min

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Controls & Accountability 

Fraud Awareness 

UC Davis is committed to responding to fraud risk through an institution-wide program of awareness, transparency, and training. Watch this brief video to learn more about ways to prevent, detect, and report suspected fraud. Video 7 min Watch Video

Financial Management and Controls

Learn the definition of internal controls and how controls are an integral part of the financial operations of the university. In addition, receive an introduction to our ledger review system, including Analytical Ledger Review (ALR), Management Ledger Review (MLR), and Quarterly Ledger Review (QLR). In this session, we touch on internal and external audits and fiscal officer responsibilities and resources. Travel and entertainment best practices are also covered. Video 1hr  51min Watch Video

Chart of Accounts

UC Davis will implement a new Chart of Accounts on Jan. 1, 2024, concurrent with the launch of the Aggie Enterprise system. Common Chart of Accounts content in this course reflects early project details, which have since been updated. Visit the CoA website for the most current information about the new UC Davis Chart of Accounts.

Chart of Accounts

This course provides an overview of the University's current chart of accounts (COA) and the importance of the COA in financial processing and reporting. It also provides an introduction to the new common chart of accounts initiative. Online (eLearning) 60 min Learn More

Cashier & Payment Solutions

Cash Handling

This online module provides an overview of the policies and procedures for handling cash on campus and at UC Davis Health System. Online (eLearning) 30 min Learn More

Credit Card Training

This PCI Security Awareness Training course is designed to familiarize university employees on the risks associated with credit card processing. As well as enhance your skills and knowledge to provide best practices in maintaining the security and safety of the university's payment card environment, cardholder data and Ecommerce. Online
30 min

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