Customer Invoice Document Help

The Customer Invoice document is used to create the invoices sent to external (non-campus) customers for goods and/or services sold by the university.


  1. The department creates Customer Invoice documents.
  2. The department prints invoices (only fully approved invoices can be printed).
  3. The department mails invoices to their customers.
  4. Customers remit payment and remittance stub to the Cashier's Office. Alternatively, customers can make wire payments.
  5. The Cashier's Office records the payments, the Customer Invoice initiator receives an e-mail notification, and the customers' records are updated in KFS.
  6. If the customer does not pay the invoice, the department sends Billing Statements to the customer, and attempts to collect the debt.

Batch printing is recommended for departments with a high monthly volume of invoices. To print in batches:

  1. On the Main Menu, in the Accounts Receivable section, click on the Customer Invoice link in the Reports area.
  2. Enter your desired search criteria.
  3. Click the Generate Print File button at the bottom of the document.

Printing invoices individually is recommended for departments with a low monthly volume of invoices, or to print just one invoice. One way to print a single invoice is to do the following:

  1. On the Main Menu, in the Accounts Receivable section, click on the Customer Invoices link in the Lookups area.
  2. Enter your desired search criteria.
  3. Locate the Customer Invoice from the list of results.
  4. Click the Generate Print File button at the bottom of the document.

Best Practices

Here are some best practices concerning invoices:

  • Confirm the quantity of the item to be billed before the invoice is generated. The additional time double-checking could prevent the need to make adjustments later.
  • Generate the invoice as soon as possible after the work has been performed. This will encourage prompt payment.
  • For international customers (who typically pay via wire transfer) add a label to the invoice to specify that bank fees are the responsibility of the customer
  • Sending the invoice to the customer via e-mail may result in payments being made more promptly than if hard copy invoices were mailed.

What happens after invoices are sent?

Send billing statements to customers further along in the AR process. Hopefully, customers who receive invoices and/or billing statements will remit payments; otherwise, they'll enter the collection process.

Voiding an Invoice

If an invoice has had no payments issued against it, you can Void it.  In order to void a Customer Invoice, search for the Customer Invoice. At the very bottom of the document, click on the Void button. From there, click on the Submit button to initiate the document routing which will be the same as it was for the original Customer Invoice. 

Dollar amounts for voided Customer Invoices are negative (-), so you can locate any voided Customer Invoice documents by doing a Document Search on Document Type INV and enter Total Amount of <0 (less than zero) to retrieve only negative dollar (voided) Customer Invoice documents.


Document routes to the Fiscal Officers/any applicable Organization Review hierarchies for review and approval,