KFS Action List

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The Action List is the "In Box" of KFS.

The Action List button is located in the upper left corner of your KFS screen. When you have documents in your Action List, the button will be red, and the number of documents will be indicated in parentheses:

kfs action list button icon

The Action List allows you to view and act on documents that require your completion, acknowledgement, approval, and FYI. See the Routing and Approvals page for information on the various actions you can take on a document in your Action List. When you save an incomplete document in KFS, it is stored in your Action List.

Click on the ID number of the document you wish to take action on. The action buttons (approve, disapprove, etc.) are at the bottom of each document. Click on the appropriate button in order to record your action.

Delegate Routing

If there are documents in your Action List for which you are a secondary delegate, there will be a drop-down menu in the upper right corner of your screen:

kfs delegate selection icon

Click on the drop-down arrow in order to display a list of names for whom you set up as a delegate. The Action List will then display just those particular documents for which you are a delegate. If you do not see the drop-down menu in your Action List, this means that there are no documents awaiting your attention for which you are a secondary delegate.

Note: Documents for which you are a fiscal officer (account manager) or primary delegate automatically display in your Action List. You do not need to select an option on the drop-down menu to see these documents.

Setting Preferences

In the upper right corner of your Action List is the Preferences button:

kfs preferences icon

Click on this button to access the Workflow Preferences screen. On the Workflow Preferences screen, you can:

  • Identify how many documents you wish to see on each page (Action List Size).
  • Indicate if you want to receive email notifications, the frequency of the notifications, and if you wish to receive notifications for documents routing to you as a primary or secondary delegate.
  • Select what information you wish to see for each document on the Action List.
  • Color code documents based on their various routing statuses.

Take some time to experiment with the various options/settings on the Workflow Preferences screen in order to determine which options work best for you. Refer to the Best Practices page for more suggestions.

Action List Email Notifications

Email notifications can be automatically generated for documents that arrive in your Action List from other users. You can opt in to receive an Immediate e-mail notification every time a document arrives in your Action List, or you can select to receive a Daily or Weekly digest summary of all documents currently in your Action List. These email notifications include a link to the specific document and/or link to your Action List.

The email notifications are sent to your email address listed in the UC Davis campus directory. Or, you can select to forward the email notifications to another email account by selecting the "Email forwarding" option on the Computing Accounts page.

To Activate the Action List Email Notifications:

  1. Log in to KFS.
  2. Click on the Action List button.
  3. Click on the Preferences button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Email Notification Preferences section.
  5. The first two options in this section (if CHECKED) will send you email notifications on documents for which you are a primary or secondary delegate.
  6. The Default Email Notification is set to None (no emails sent). Select Immediate, Daily, or Weekly if desired.
    If you select one of the above options, you will begin receiving email notifications for ALL KFS documents for which you are the Fiscal Officer (Account Manager), part of an organizational review hierarchy, or if a user ad hoc routed a document to you. If you want to receive emails for only specific (not ALL) document types, leave the option set to NONE and go to the next field.
    • Immediate emails are generated within a minute of a document being received in your Action List.
    • Daily emails are generated every day at 1 a.m. PT (including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).
    • Weekly emails are generated every Monday at 2 a.m. PT.
  7. The next field, the Document Type Notifications field allows you to opt in to receiving emails for only specific (not ALL) KFS document types. Enter the Document Type:
  8. Select the Notification Preference type and click the Add button. Repeat this process for each document type for which you would like to receive email notifications.
  9. Click on the Save button to save your settings.

Note: If you don't begin to receive Action List email notifications after activating them, you may need to check your email spam/junk folders to ensure that the notifications are not inadvertently being identified as spam. You may need to adjust the settings on your email client. Check with your technical support staff for assistance.

Note: The Action List will eventually contain documents from other systems that will interface with Kuali. Users with access to the MyInfoVault (MIV) system may see MyInfoVault documents in their Action List. Please contact miv-help@ucdavis.edu or visit the MIV website for assistance.