Credit Card Receipt Document Help

The Credit Card Receipt (CCR) is a system-created document for departments with active merchant accounts.

CCR documents are not accessible as stand-alone documents to KFS users. The KFS Credit Card Receipt (CCR) document records settled credit card transactions automatically. A department can elect to receive the document or have the document automatically approved by the system. Contact Maureen Pigozzo if you wish to change the option of receiving/not receiving the CCR document.

  • If the department elects to receive the CCR document, it will go to the Action Lists of the members of a departmental predefined workgroup where the accounts used to record the activity can be modified prior to being finalized.The document basically acts as a "distribution of income" and allows any member of the workgroup to move the credit to a different account(s).The CCR document has a 5-day auto approval. In other words, if the department does not take action on the document, or if it is not fully approved within 5 CALENDAR days from the date listed in the Created field, the document will auto-approve and the transaction will post to the General Ledger as indicated on the CCR at the time of auto-approval

  • If a department has elected not to receive the CCR document, the credit will post to a predefined account without any action necessary by departmental users. Note: If your department has elected not to receive this document, you can still move a credit from a credit card transaction via a Distribution of Income and Expense (DI) document in KFS.

If you want to modify the members of the workgroup that receive the CCR document, visit the instructional page. If you wish to create routing for CCR documents to a departmental workgroup, or if you wish to inactivate routing to a departmental workgroup, contact Maureen Pigozzo.

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