Organization Options Document Help

The Organization Options document defines the specific organization will perform the batch processes such as invoicing and billing statements. 

The Organization Options is also used to indicate the message you'd like to display on your customers' invoices.

General Information

  • Data from this document is used on printed invoices and statements. Completion of this document enters the organization into the Organization Options table. EACH organization that uses KFS Accounts Receivable must have an entry in this table.  In other words, if you wish to set up AR billing for three separate organization codes in your department, you will need to complete three Organization Options documents (as well as the other AR Maintenance documents).
  • The Chart and Organization assigned to your user ID in KFS default in the Billing Chart and Billing Organization fields, but you can override this information if you are creating this document for a different organization.
    • Billing Chart and Organization are for the department that creates the invoices
    • Processing Chart and Organization are used for the department that processes the invoices
  • Users in the Processing organization can complete the Application and Application Adjustment documents.
  • Note: For most departments, the Processing Chart and Organization are the same as the Billing Chart and Organization.
  • If EACH of your organizations are set up in KFS AR, you can process AR invoices for those orgs that are part of your organization hierarchy.
  • For the Organizational Postal Code field, be sure to add the 4-digit zip code extension of 5270 if your organization is located on the Davis campus.
  • Enter the Message Text that you want printed on your invoices.  You can override it on individual invoices as necessary. 
  • Enter a departmental contact Phone Number for AR related inquiries


  • If Organization Options are being set up for the first time, the document will route for approval to the Dean’s Office for which your organization reports
  • If edits are being done to data for an organization where an initial Organization Options document has already been processed, there will be no automatic routing