Asset Custodial Code Document Help

Asset Custodial Code Document allows asset representatives and department head/department delegate to update information on the custodial code(s) for which they are assigned.

Other FIS users can view (but not edit) custodial code information. This lookup is available in the KFS navigation menu under Capital Assets.

KFS will validate that all users indicated on the Asset Custodial Code document are KFS users.


Organization Owner Account and Organization Code

The Organization Owner Account is the default account that should be assigned to assets that are assigned to your Custodial Code. The fiscal officer assigned to the specified account will be required to approve transactions for assets assigned to that Custodial Code.

The Organization Owner Organization Code is a display-only field that shows the organization code assigned to the highest-level organization for that account. For example, if the account is assigned to organization code ACCT, but the highest-level organization that ACCT reports to is VFRM, VFRM will be displayed as the Organization Code.

Asset Delegates

Although only one (1) Asset Representative is assigned to each Custodial Code, the Asset Representative can assign an Asset Delegate (up to 3 people) on the Asset Custodial Code document to assist with the equipment management process.

The Asset Delegate can do the same things as the Asset Representative:

  • Can be very helpful, especially if you have one Custodial Code with many capital equipment items.
  • Can also be very helpful if you have remote locations; Asset Delegate can complete physical inventories at remote locations.
  • For UC Davis MC Cost Centers, Clinical Engineering recommends that one of the asset delegates for your unit should be Joelene Rodriguez (user ID: JOELENE).

Creating/Deactivating Custodial Codes

Please complete the online request form for Custodial Code creation and deactivation requests and Equipment Management will process your request.