TRS News

Enhancements/upgrades to the Time Reporting System (TRS) with the transition to UCPath TRS

Updates for Employees

  • System enhancements reduce non-payment of submitted timesheets
  • Expansion of employee types that can use TRS
  • Ability to have different overtime eligibility on job assignments and report all time in TRS
  • Additional represented employees now able to report time in TRS

Updates for Supervisors

  • Backup and Optional Supervisors can opt-in for email notices regarding employee timesheet submission/routing
  • Acknowledgement section for timesheets that are auto-approved

Updates for Department Time Administrators (DTAs)

  • Simplified DTA access process, streamlined training requirements
  • Changes to Alternate Work Schedule - Two new schedules: Regular and Temporary
  • Updated options for reviewing/submitting timesheets
  • New section for Auto-approved Timesheets on View Manual Transactions Sub-tab
  • Acknowledgement section for timesheets that are auto-approved 
  • Adjustment entries can be completed on the timesheet when there are changes to a timesheet already submitted to UCPath
  • Options for adjusting timesheet to include holiday not calculated by system
  • More detail in the Weekly Hours Estimator
  • New Auto-approval Report
  • New DTA Adjustments Report
  • New Audit Acknowledgement Report
  • Improved details in Timesheet Details Report