Routing Flow

After a document initiator clicks Submit, the following routing steps may take place:

Note: Not all levels of routing indicated below will occur on every document.

In addition to the routing levels described below, Ad Hoc routing can be added at any point in the routing process, and can be initiated by any user in the routing chain.

Routing Step Type Description Document to Set-Up Routing
1 Fiscal Officer (Account Manager) This level of routing approval is standard for most documents in KFS (see this list for exceptions). All accounts require a fiscal officer to be assigned. An account delegate can approve on behalf of the fiscal officer at this level. Account or Account Global for Fiscal Officer

Account Delegate for Account Delegate

2 Organization Review Optional routing, established by the department; it can be to an individual (not recommended) or a group (recommended). This type of routing can be based on the chart and organization of the account, the document type, or the dollar amount. This routing can be set up to require an approval, FYI, or acknowledgement. Some documents do not allow organization review. NOTE: If a KFS user is set up as a fiscal officer/delegate on an account AND as part of an organization review (either as an individual or part of a group), their approval at the fiscal officer/delegate level will automatically satisfy the organization review routing. Organization Review
3 Special Conditions This routing approval exists on some documents, based on the document type, object level, etc.; this routing is maintained by central business units (e.g., Accounting). Maintained centrally, no user-access documents
4 Account Supervisor (Account Reviewer) Optional routing maintained by departments; it is for information only, not for approval, and occurs once all approvals are complete. Account or Account Global

Ad Hoc Routing

To ad hoc route a document, select the Ad Hoc Recipients tab and enter the user ID of the individual or the name of the group to which you would like the document to route.

Note that a document cannot be ad hoc routed to someone who has already approved it. Ad hoc routing is activated by selecting the Ad Hoc Recipients tab on any document and entering the user ID of the KFS user/Group ID you wish to ad hoc route the document to.