Alternate Work Schedules

TRS allows for multiple alternate work schedules

Do not use Internet Explorer to add Alternate Work Schedules

At this time we recommend not using Internet Explorer to add or modify Alternate Work Schedules. Alerts and Error messages, inability to update the hours, and other unexpected behaviors have been reported with this browser. 

If a non-exempt employee is designated to work an alternate schedule, select the appropriate Alternate Work Schedule (AWS) to ensure that the work hours (and overtime) are automatically calculated properly by the system. The selection of an AWS does not automatically calculate payment hours; the employee must enter hours worked on their timesheet. 

  • 9/80 Work Schedule
  • 4/40 Alternate Schedule
  • Regular Work Schedule
  • Temporary Assignment 

Please note that alternate work schedules should only be entered for non-exempt (eligible for overtime) employees.  Alternate work schedules should not be entered for exempt employees.

See the DTA Online Training for basic instructions on selecting an AWS in TRS. Below are instructions and examples of how TRS calculates time when using the 9/80 schedule.