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Super User Acceptance Testing Complete, Next Testing Phase Begins Sept. 5

Next Testing Phase Runs Parallel to Launch of Hands-on Environment

Our Super Users are superheroes! 
The Aggie Enterprise Project Team appreciates the time and commitment of Super Users, as they have completed numerous test scripts and provided critical feedback!

Super User Acceptance Testing concludes after 2,057 business process tests

Super User Acceptance Testing (SUAT) was successfully completed on August 4, 2023. Over 14 weeks, 150 UC Davis testers ran 2057 business process tests demonstrating key system functionality augmented by boundary applications. With an average pass rate of 96%, Aggie Enterprise is on track to enter the next phase of the project.

New testers focus on production readiness 

Beginning September 5, 2023, we will welcome a new group of testers who will assist with determining production readiness for Aggie Enterprise. Over six weeks, an estimated 200 testers will work hands-on in Aggie Enterprise to run through various scenarios to confirm that business processes work as designed, and that the system is ready for go-live on January 1, 2024. During this phase of testing, UCPath funding processes will also be validated, confirming that data from UCPath correctly pushes to Aggie Enterprise, and that UCPath receives information from Aggie Enterprise as expected. This phase of the project is called User Acceptance Testing (UAT). 

Hands-on environment available in October 

Running parallel to UAT, a separate training environment will open to all future Aggie Enterprise users in early October. UC Davis employees will be provisioned in their production-like Aggie Enterprise roles and be able to access the Hands-on Environment to explore the new system interface and the opportunity to conduct parallel tests. Users will have access to step-by-step guides to follow as they practice using the new system and business processes. This environment will also be used to support Instructor-Led Training, where participants can complete training exercises. Instructor-Led Training registration will open in October. 

UAT vs. Hands-On Environment


User Acceptance Testing and Hands-on Environment Timeline

Text Alternative


  User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Hands-On Environment


Begins Sept. 5, 2023 Available starting Oct. 2, 2023




Opportunity to test and ensure that Aggie Enterprise meets the needs and requirements of UC Davis An environment available to all future Aggie Enterprise users to explore the new system interface, practice business processes, and conduct parallel tests.



Small population (~200) including volunteers and those appointed by unit's Advisory Board members All future Aggie Enterprise users







  • Execute assigned tests
  • Track completion and report to project team
  • Attend mandatory office hours
  • Metrics reported to Aggie Enterprise Governance and UC Davis leadership to assess readiness
  • Provisioned in production-like roles
  • Leverage available guides to execute business processes
  • Available for instructor-led training to complete training exercises
  • Available until go-live to visit, revisit and practice training concepts


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