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Aggie Enterprise Project Timeline Extension

On Nov. 8, Vice Chancellor Clare Shinnerl, Assistant Vice Chancellor Matt Okamoto and Assistant Vice Chancellor Radhika Prabhu sent a message to Aggie Enterprise stakeholders about the decision to extend the project timeline, moving the go-live date from July 1, 2023, to Jan. 1, 2024

University Credit Union partnership funds programs uplifting students

Two programs providing material assistance to students will be able to help more people thanks to funding from the partnership with University Credit Union.

One tenet of the Preferred Partnership Program, or UP3, is ensuring partnerships tangibly and directly benefit and uplift the campus community. To this end, the agreement with University Credit Union made in 2021 included $17,500 in annual funding for undergraduate student initiatives.

Optional Q1 Forecast Plan Files are open- 10/18/22

AggieBudget 2022-23 Q1 Forecast Plan Files are now open for editing (Tuesday, 10/18/22). Plan files will remain open through December 15, 2022 (until the end of the business day).

Optional Q1 Forecast Plan Files open 10/18/22

AggieBudget 2022-23 Q1 Forecast plan files will be open for editing on Tuesday, October 18, 2022. Plan files will remain open for editing from October 18 through end of business day on December 15, 2022.

Editing is optional for this Q1 forecast version, and changes can be made at any time during this open edit period. Plan files reflect actuals through the end of the September fiscal period for the duration of the Forecast editing period. Note that any changes or updates to the Q1 Forecast plan files will be reflected in the Q2 Forecast plan files.

Aggie Enterprise Data Conversion 

Data objects were identified for conversion from retiring source systems (AggieBudget, Kuali Financial System and AggieBuy) to the Oracle system.

Chart of Accounts Value Mapping

Over the past several months, the CoA team has partnered with subject matter experts to develop baseline values and begin mapping, analyzing the Full Accounting Unit (FAU) data in KFS and translating that data to new Chart of Accounts values.

Plan Files Now Open

FY2022-23 Plan Files are now open for editing. Editors with active access* will be able to make changes in their plan files for the FY22-23 Budget from March 16 until June 30, 2022. The labor snapshot date for this budget cycle is March 12, 2022.