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Chart of Accounts Value Mapping

Additional mapping efforts are occurring in other work streams (e.g., Accounts Receivable, PPM and Procurement); however, this article is focused on CoA, or Chart of Accounts, value mapping. 

CoA value mapping is the process of analyzing the Full Accounting Unit (FAU) data in KFS and translating that data to new Chart of Accounts values. This mapping process carefully evaluates how values are being used today and determines where those values will be represented in the future based on the CoA segment definitions.   

Over the past several months, the CoA team has partnered with subject matter experts to develop baseline values and begin mapping. These baseline efforts are a starting point, with the goal of translating approximately 80 percent of the existing KFS values before launching the mapping review process with departments to take a deep dive into the remaining 20 percent.   

FAU to CoA Crosswalk

FAU to CoA Crosswalk

FAU to CoA Crosswalk (PDF) | Text alternative

As demonstrated in this visual, some FAU values, like Chart and Object Code, have more straightforward translations. This allows for mapping rules to be developed, covering a large set of KFS FAUs with similar characteristics and enabling the system to map large groups of values at one time.   

Other values, like KFS Account, Sub-Account and Project, are more complex, and require a careful line-by-line review. This review takes time due to the sheer volume of data to be analyzed, the varied use of FAU values across the enterprise, and the ongoing creation of new values. KFS currently has:     

  • More than 300,000 accounts  
  • An average of 1564 new values created every month  

Once the baseline value mapping is complete, the CoA team will reach out to units across UC Davis. This outreach will provide an opportunity for units to review mapping, identify value and mapping gaps, and develop a better understanding of the new CoA structure. 

In consideration of fiscal close workload, value mapping outreach is planned for Fall 2022. In the meantime, departments are encouraged to reference the data clean-up activities on the Preparing for Oracle Checklist. Data clean-up will reduce values to be mapped and ensure that we are converting accurate, relevant data to the new system.