Spin E-Bikes and E-Scooters Launching Sept. 1

The city of Davis, in partnership with UC Davis, is launching a new, shared e-bike and e-scooter program this fall. Spin, headquartered in San Francisco and a leader in shared micromobility, was selected by the city and campus through a competitive bid process.

University Credit Union partnership funds programs uplifting students

Two programs providing material assistance to students will be able to help more people thanks to funding from the partnership with University Credit Union.

One tenet of the Preferred Partnership Program, or UP3, is ensuring partnerships tangibly and directly benefit and uplift the campus community. To this end, the agreement with University Credit Union made in 2021 included $17,500 in annual funding for undergraduate student initiatives.

Advancing careers one conference at a time

The Peet’s Coffee partnership provides travel funds that help UC Davis graduate students attend conferences and participate in professional development opportunities. 

UC Davis graduate student Erin Doherty was recently able to showcase her research at a conference for one of the world’s largest scientific societies, thanks to a Graduate Student Association (GSA) travel grant sponsored by Peet’s Coffee.  

New Brand Partnership System

In collaboration with Strategic Communications, UP3 has released the updated brand partnership system, a guide for the use of UC Davis trademarks and identity assets, based on the new campus brand.

A Day in the Peet’s Coffee Roastery

Students who had previously taken the popular Design of Coffee class were offered the opportunity to tour the Peet's Roastery, an exciting experience for any coffee enthusiast.

Coffee Deals Bring New Beans and Benefits

By Dave Jones

UC Davis announced today (April 25) it has two new coffee supply contracts that, besides putting new java brands in our cups and mugs, will support our students and academics in a big way.