ERS Status Codes

This list defines the various effort report status types found in the Effort Reporting System.

Status What It Means What To Do
Open Effort Report is ready for review and certification. Certify effort report.  See this page for instructions: How to Review and Certify Effort
Certified Effort Report has been certified. No further action is needed.
Partially certified Multiple certifications are required; all projects have not been certified. Contact additional certifiers.

The Payroll percent (%) was changed on the Effort Report. The report was certified, but the transfer of payroll expense has not yet been processed. (Report version will generally be 2.0.)


Payroll transfers were processed after the report was initially certified, causing the effort report to re-issue because the percentage of payroll charged to one or more federal projects changed, then the report was certified a second time without adjusting the effort certification.

See this page for instructions: How to correct an effort report with status Certified/AdjustReqd

Reissued The Effort Report was reissued by the system due to new payroll transactions. See this page for instructions: How to correct a report with status Open-Reissued
Reopened A previously certified Effort Report has been reopened by a user. Review and re-certify the report, taking care that the effort in column B matches the payroll in column A .
Not Required No federal effort was reported. A report was issued because the employee is a principal investigator or because of a special request. No action required.
Exception Effort report does not pass all edit checks due to one of the following situations:
  1. There is a negative balance on one or more accounts because more pay was transferred out of the account than originally charged.
  2. There is more federal cost share indicated than the non-sponsored pay available to support it.
  1. View the payroll transactions to determine which transfers were made in error.
    1. Make new payroll cost transfers to correct the negative balance.
  2. Reduce the cost share percentages so the non-sponsored pay can support it while honoring the overall effort commitment; or
    1. make payroll cost transfers to move additional pay to the non-sponsored accounts to support the cost share
Overdue Open, Partially Certified, Reissued, and Reopened statuses will show “overdue” when the certification deadline has passed.  Certifiers will be asked for a justification for the late certification if the report was not previously certified. See the appropriate status above for the action to take.
ALL-Open Indicates any status that requires an action (i.e., all statuses except Certified or Not Required) See the appropriate status above for the action to take.
ALL-Certified Includes those reports where the certifications are complete: Certified and Certified/AdjustReqd (but notPartially Certified). See the appropriate status above for the action to take.
ALL-Overdue Includes any of the ALL-Open statuses where the certification due date has passed (i.e., the report is more than 30 days old and still requires an action). See the appropriate status above for the action to take.