How to Create a Saved Search for Departments ERS

To create a Saved Search for a department that mirrors the data in the ERS status report:

  1. Run the Organization Hierarchy (50) in FIS Decision Support using the department’s top-level org to generate a list of all organizations in the department.
  2. Go to the Search Effort Reports screen in ERS.
  3. Choose the Departments tab.
  4. Select Account Department in the department type drop-down list.
  5. Use the department name or number filter to enter and select ALL the Organizations from the 50 report. Do not select only the top-level org or your list may be incomplete.
  6. Click on each Org in the Filtered Results List to move it to the Search Collection on the right-hand side of the screen.
  7. When all Account Orgs from the 50 report have been selected and show in the Search Collection, use the Save As button to save the list.
  8. Select the new saved search from either the Manage Saved Searches screen or the Effort Report List screen to view the reports.