Reports for Role Monitoring/Compliance

A KFS Fiscal Officer should not be a PPS/OPTRS Primary Preparer or PPS/OPTRS Mandatory Reviewer on a structure with any of their assigned accounts.

Please view the PPS/DRS Rules page for more information.

To assist Dean's Offices/MSOs in ensuring that their departments have roles properly assigned in KFS and PPS/OPTRS, two reports are available in FIS Decision Support (DS).

PPS Roles/Fiscal Officer Review (414)

The PPS Roles/Fiscal Officer Review (414) report displays information on any Fiscal Officers assigned to a Home Department Code, Organization, or PPS Unit that also have one or more PPS roles. Dean's Offices/MSOs are responsible for regularly running this report to ensure that any Fiscal Officers listed do not have any conflicts as listed in the first paragraph above. Note: This report does not display Fiscal Officers who do not have any PPS roles, since there would be no conflict (or potential conflict) in those cases.

PPS Roles Conflict Review (415)

The PPS Roles Conflict Review (415) report displays any employees assigned to a Home Department Code or PPS Unit that are a PPS Mandatory Reviewer and a PPS Primary Preparer or PPS Backup Preparer. 

To ensure proper separation of duties, it is recommended that departments regularly review their DRS structures and not allow the PPS Mandatory Reviewer to be either a PPS Primary Preparer or PPS Backup Preparer in any DRS structure.

Note: This report also displays if the employee is a Fiscal Officer for information purposes, but the 414 report is generally the best one to use for ensuring that a Fiscal Officer does not have any conflicting PPS roles.