Fiscal Period Information

Fiscal Period information for both current and previous periods are listed in the FIS Decision Support in the upper left-hand corner.

Every financial transaction belongs to a Fiscal Period. There are 13 periods defined for each Fiscal Year:

  • The first 12 periods approximate the months in the year (Period 1 starts July 1st).
  • The 13th period is for the Fiscal Close process.

The first twelve periods approximate the months of the Fiscal Year (beginning with Period 1 for July) because the fiscal periods do not close exactly at the end of the month. There are two main reasons for this:

  • It is common to receive invoices early in the month that are more appropriately recorded in the prior month's ledger. In anticipation of this circumstance, all transactions approved during the first three working days of the month are posted to the prior month's fiscal period. Beginning with the fourth working day of the month, all transactions are posted to the current month's fiscal period.
  • Payroll transactions are created after the month has ended. These transactions are generated by the Office of the President, and transmitted to UC Davis on, or about, the fourth working day of the month. These transactions are also included in the prior month's fiscal period.

When all of the processes are complete, the Fiscal Period is closed. Any reports run prior to the close of a fiscal period are subject to change.

Once a Fiscal Period is closed, the data for that period becomes final in FIS Decision Support. Any changes made later to organizations or accounts will not be reflected in queries run for those earlier periods. Most months, the completed ledgers are available on the seventh business day of the month. An email is sent to the FIS email list each time the ledgers close.

To stay up-to-date with the activity in your accounts for each fiscal period, we recommend scheduling the Transaction Listing (2) in FIS Decision Support to run after the fiscal period has officially closed each month:

  1. Click on the Schedule This Query button.
  2. On the Edit Scheduled Query screen, go to the Schedule field
  3. Select the Monthly option and After Ledgers Close. Monthly updates will then be sent directly to your email inbox.

More information is on the Scheduling Queries page.