Fix an Effort Report with the Status Exception

An Effort Report will have an Exception status when the report did not pass all edit checks due to one of the following situations:

  1. There is a negative balance on one or more accounts because more pay was transferred out of the account than was originally charged.
  2. There is more federal cost share indicated than the non-sponsored pay available to support it.

1. To correct a negative balance:

Cause More pay was transferred out of an account than originally charge through payroll
Solution Payroll corrections must be made to correct the account balance and create a valid effort report, even if the account and/or fund have been closed.
Steps to correct
  1. View the payroll transactions to determine which transfers were made in error.
  2. Make new payroll cost transfers or other adjustment to correct the negative balance, which usually includes reversing the last transaction to post to the account. Or make another adjustment to clear the negative effort.

2: To correct for more federal cost share indicated than the non-sponsored pay available to support it:

Cause Federal Project's Cost Share Effort % to Certify [D] is greater than the Non-Sponsored Activities' Paid Effort % to Certify [B].
Solution Make corrections on the effort report to reduce the cost share reported OR make payroll corrections to transfer additional pay to non-sponsored accounts.
Steps to correct
  1. Reduce the Cost Share Effort % to Certify [D] for the Federal Project so the Non-sponsored Paid Effort % to Certify [B] can support it while honoring the overall effort commitment.
  2. Reduce the Cost share Effort % to Certify [D] for Non-Sponsored Activities to offset the % for the Federal Project, so that the column total is 0%.
  3. Enter a comment in the Add a Comment area to indicate why the payroll changes were needed.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Certify Effort Report. The report status will show Certified.
  1. Make payroll cost transfers to move additional pay to the non-sponsored accounts to support the cost share (increase the percentage in column A).