Processing Instructions

How to process Cost Share transactions

Cost Share Application training module is now available in the UC Learning Center. The entire training module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Those interested in specific topics, can also use the menu to navigate to each section. There are improvements (over CSTS) in every area of the system to explore.

Documentation for other University Contributions

Other University Contributions should only be used in rare cases where UC Davis has made an allowable contribution that is not recorded in the financial system. Use of this entry type requires pre-approval from the Contracts and Grants Accounting office and documentation must be submitted to the fund manager when the contribution report is finalized and approved. An email approval that includes an adequate explanation of the contribution is sufficient. 

Documentation for Third Party Contributions

Third party cost share occurs when a partner other than the university or the sponsor contributes to the award costs. These entries must have appropriate supporting documentation, as explained in Third Party Documentation Requirements. The documentation must be submitted to the fund manager when the contribution report is finalized and approved.

What if I have reports started in CSTS that I need to finish in CSA?

We have developed a hybrid process for reports started in CSTS and finished in CSA:

  • CSTS was shut down and approved transactions were copied to DS for reporting. A DS-427 report will generate a contribution report based on the approved transactions in CSTS prior to September 2018.
  • The Departmental Preparer takes the dollar total from the DS-427* and enters it as one line in Other University Contributions. Previously submitted contribution reports from CSTS can be used instead of the DS-427. If you have been previously notified that some of the CSTS expenses are unallowable, deduct those amounts before entering the total in Other University Contributions. Coordinate with your fund manager if you're not sure.
  • When entering the date range in Other University Contributions, if the CSTS cost share has already been reported to the sponsor (check with your fund manager), use the date we reported as the Contribution Period for your Other University Contributions entry. If the CSTS cost share has not yet been reported - use September 2018- September 2018 (or use the current reporting period).
  • Select additional transactions in CSA, taking care not to select expenses that were already reported in CSTS or on the DS-427.
  • CSA finalized cumulative report will include both amounts, but incremental reports will include only new data.
*DS-427 report does not require its own PI signature.