How to Enroll

To self-enroll in DPP, students or their authorized user must follow these steps

  1. Log into MyBill website
  2. Select the Payment Plans tab
  3. The interface will guide you step-by-step through the enrollment process
  4. Enroll in the deferred payment plan and sign the agreement online

Situational Events 

If you receive additional credits in your account

Your plan will be adjusted and the credits will be applied equally across the outstanding installments. Whenever your plan amounts change you will receive an email notification of the changes.

If you receive any type of financial awards or loans, the funds will be used to pay registration fees even if the account is on the installment plan.

If you withdraw from classes

You might still have payments due. Adjustments to your payments will be made based on your withdrawal date and the University Refund Schedule.

Refunds are only issued to students if the adjusted amount they owe is less than what they have already paid. Students cannot receive refunds until all fees on the student account are paid in full.

Miss a payment deadline

Students who miss a payment deadline will be charged a $10 late fee per installment.