Cashier & Payment Solutions Office

  • Cashier's Office


The Cashier & Payment Solutions Office provides the following cash-handling services:

  • Student payments
  • Departmental deposit acceptance
  • Change order requests
  • Check cashing

For Your Information

Drop Boxes
24 hour drop outside
Cashier & Payment Solutions Office, Dutton Hall

Daytime box inside the
Cashier & Payment Solutions OfficeLobby, Dutton Hall

USPS Mailing Address
Cashier & Payment Solutions Office
University of California
PO Box 989062
West Sacramento, California 95798-9062

Send UPS/FedEx To
Cashier & Payment Solutions Office
1200 Dutton Hall
One Shields Ave
Davis, California 95616


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Contact Us

1200 Dutton Hall

Phone: (530) 752-0460

Fax: (530) 752-5328

Hours: Monday through Friday

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m