2023-24 AggieBudget Timeline

Important System Dates

Quick Summary

  • 2023-24 Opening and closing dates for AggieBudget system components

Important System Dates

2/6/23 – 2/24/23   Plan File Manager open for changes (users will be notified by email)

3/1/23 – 6/30/23   FY 2023-24 Plan Files open for editing (users will be notified by email)

Tentative timeline for Q2 Budget to Variance Reporting:

 1/17/23: Workflow launch

 1/31/23: AD/COO workflow due

 2/16/23: Analyst workflow due

 Detailed guidance regarding workflow comments can be found in the Variance Reporting and Forecasting User Guide <https://ucdavis.app.box.com/s/abu9idraewzkio2v3i8jzv58ntccmmbb>, which is also available through the AggieBudget Help Document Library- see "Q2 Forecast User Guide"