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The UC Davis Budget team is committed to efficient and effective management of the university’s operating budget resources. By providing financial analysis, planning frameworks and tools, decision support for campus leadership, and guidance to campus units, we enable our partners to be effective stewards of university resources.

Building a better future.

The Budget  division  builds a better future for UC Davis by managing valuable operating budget resources, to ensure the university is on track in meeting its mission and strategic goals. University revenues come from many different sources with the vast majority being designated or restricted. However, funding to support the university’s teaching mission, primarily comes from unrestricted state funds and student tuition. 

At a glance, the Budget team performs the following:

  • Provides accurate and meaningful information and analysis about financial resources and budget proposals in support of various decisions. 

  • Manages annual resource allocations and the budget planning process for the campus. 

  • Monitors the financial status of campus units and the university as a whole. 

  • Partners with campus units to address financial issues and support new initiatives and long-term resource planning. 

  • Develops policies, procedures, guidelines, and information systems that enable units to efficiently and effectively resources.