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Training on FIS Decision Support!

Looking for a training overview of FIS Decision Support?  Log in to the UC Learning Center and search on keyword DAC-FISDS101 for a 30-minute online overview of DS: how to log in, home page features, running a query, and additional functions that can save you time!   

FIS Decision Support (FIS DS) is the Web-based reporting component of Kuali, our current campus financial system, and of DaFIS, our previous financial system; FIS DS contains the approved transaction data from each of those systems and it also contains the billing information from UC Davis service units and from MyTravel and UCD Buy.  KFS users are automatically granted access to FIS DS; employees who do not have a need to access KFS can request a DS Only account through their department (see left menu). Log in to FIS Decision Support here.

Operating Hours

The hours of operation for FIS Decision Support are 6 a.m.-10 p.m., Monday through Friday and 6 a.m. to 8 p.m, Saturday. FIS DS may be unavailable on Sundays due to scheduled maintenance.

What Queries Are Available?

To learn more about the types of queries available in FIS DS, run the Query List (168).  If you run the query without entering any search criteria, you will receive a list of ALL reports in FIS DS, broken down by category, with a description of how that query works, and the search criteria that can be used on that query.  The 168 is a great query for new users who want to learn what data is available in FIS DS, and it is also helpful for experienced users who may be looking for additional queries.  Throughout FIS DS, click on the question mark icons to learn more about a specific field, query, or query category.

reportWhen Are Reports Updated?

Reports are generally updated by 8:00am Monday through Saturday. In other words, all fully approved financial transactions from the previous business day will appear in DS by 8:00am.  During the closing of a fiscal period or one of the monthly or bi-weekly payroll end dates, the time for the FIS DS reports to fully update can take longer. Please note that the status of the DS report updates, and any affected reports, is always posted in the upper left corner of the DS home page and updated as necessary.

Is Supporting Documentation Available?

FIS DS also contains links to the scanned images of supporting documents, such as on the Payment Detail (111). Most users access this report by drilling down on documents in other reports, such as Transaction Listing (2) and Transaction Log (54). When viewing the detail report, documents with scanned images show a link labeled View Scanned Images on the right side of the screen. Click on the link to view the scanned documents.

Click on the links on the left menu to learn more about FIS DS and how to make it work most effectively for you!

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Learn about FIS DS (video)