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Taxation of Late Reports

Effective July 1, 2017, expense reports not submitted within 1 year of the reported trip/event end date, and cash advances not reconciled within 120 days of the reported trip/event end date will still be reimbursed, but will also be imputed as income through PPS for employees. 

This means the traveler will pay income tax on the amount reimbursed because the report was submitted beyond the time frame allowable by policy.

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Possible degradation of user profiles

Some users may have experienced a loss of profile data within the AggieTravel Personal Information screen, and may no longer have Travel Arrangers assigned to book travel on their behalf. If this is the case for you, there is a simple fix!

From the AggieTravel home page, under the Company Notes section:

• Click on Connexxus Travel Portal (arranger delegation and Amtrak discounts)

• Select Edit Profile

• Select Add Arranger

• Search for the Travel Arranger by last name

• Check the boxes for Book and Access

• Done!

And to update your Personal Information section of AggieTravel, simply go to your Profile, click on Personal Information and enter the data you’d like to save there. This section can be used to enter frequent flier information, seat preferences, and other helpful travel preferences.

More information on the Profile and the Personal Information page can be found on our website:


Remember, AggieTravel has condensed some of our commonly used expense types. You can find Parking/Tolls inside the Ground Transportation expense type.

For more information visit the Expense Types website.

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