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If you've been issued a replacement card due to having your prior card lost or stolen, inform the Travel Help Desk.


The Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Card is a university-sponsored card issued to UC Davis employees who travel or entertain on behalf of the university. The card program has been in place at UC Davis for over 10 years, and provides convenient access to cash advances and credit for thousands of UC travelers and hosts. It should be used for all travel and entertainment expenses where payment by Visa is allowed, such as airfare, hotel and lodging, car rental, and meals. Once used, the transactions import into MyTravel, our expense reporting system. By utilizing the card, employees save both time and money for the University, their department approvers, and themselves.

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Overview of the US Bank Visa Travel & Entertainment Card

Contingent Liability

The T&E Card is not considered Corporate Liability. Instead, our agreement with US Bank allows for Contingent Liability. This means that the University is responsible for paying all approved travel and entertainment expenses, while the cardholder is responsible for paying any personal expenses, late fees, and for ensuring the timely submission and accuracy of their travel or entertainment expense reports. While policy does not permit using the card for personal expenses, it can happen by mistake. If personal expenses do occur, the cardholder should flag these expenses as ‘personal’ on their MyTravel report and remit payment to the bank themselves. The cardholder is ultimately responsible for ensuring that card balance is kept current, as they must pay late fees themselves. Personal credit is only affected if a balance is past due for over 180 days, or 6 billing cycles.


There are a variety of tools available for managing and reconciling your card activity. First, all transactions will import into MyTravel for assignment to a travel or entertainment report. If in advance of a trip or event, these charges can be paid using a Corporate Card Pre-Payment Report in MyTravel. Unassigned activity can be reviewed by departments or cardholders using Decision Support 331 and 332 reports. Cardholders are also encouraged to check their balances and activity at US Bank’s website:

More Information

Additional information can be found throughout our Travel website, including an Overview of the Travel and Entertainment Card, Best Practices, and links to UC system-wide travel and entertainment policies. Check the menus to the left of this page for more helpful pages and content.

To apply for a card, complete the US Bank T&E Card Application.

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