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UC Davis employee reimbursements & student refunds direct deposit. It takes 5 simple steps to enroll. Sign up today!

Video: Introducing AggieTravel

AggieTravel is the next generation of travel and entertainment expense reporting for UC Davis. Click on the image to learn more...

Welcome to Travel & Entertainment — Count on us!

The UC Davis Travel & Entertainment Team supports the travel and entertainment needs of UC Davis by providing a broad range of services, including expense reimbursement, Travel & Entertainment Card program management, and guidance on policy requirements. We develop tools and learning resources for processing travel and entertainment, as well as manage relationships with providers of travel services.


New Rules for Travel Reports Coming in July

Beginning on July 1, any travel and entertainment claims submitted more than one year after the trip or event will be reported as income and subject to taxes – not just the amount reimbursed to the employee, but the entire total of the travel report will become taxable income. Read more...


Gluten-free Eateries at SMF

Restricted Travel Law

AggieTravel Announcement!

Best Practices: Renting a Car

New rules affecting expense reports submitted after 45 days


World Travel Warnings


Upcoming Travel & Entertainment Classes

US Bank T&E Card Overview

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