Student Accounting

Fees and Payments


Enrolled UC Davis students are billed automatically on the Student Account Suite ("myBill"); no paper statement will be sent.

Advantages of myBill over paper:

  • View & print previous statements (up to one year)

  • Online payments post immediately to Banner, the software used for the UC Davis Student Information System

  • Authorize others (parents, etc.) to view & pay their bill

  • Set up automatic monthly payments, up to a maximum amount specified by the payer

  • Schedule future payments

  • Enroll in Deferred Payment Plan (DPP)

  • Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Students may only opt-out of electronic billing by applying to do so in-person at Student Accounting. Opting-out of electronic billing also precludes the student from use of any electronic functionality including authorized third-party access, electronic payment options, and ability to access prior statements.

See Reading the Student Bill for more information.

For Mac computer users, see the Step by Step Guide: Set Adobe Reader for PDF Files on a Mac.

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