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Payroll Services Contact Information

Organizational Unit Contact Phone E-mail Supervisor
PPS Help Desk Analyst Chris Marken 530-752-7750 Lelsie Olsen
PPS Administrator Chris Marken 530-752-6406 Leslie Olsen
Tax Assistant Janet Yang 530-757-8964 Diane Davies-Conley

Admin Team

Fax 754-4288

 Contact Phone E-mail Supervisor
Deductions Desk / General Info / Employment Verifications Rosalie Tecson 530-757-8550 Melody Benson
Permanent Intercampus Transfers / Retirement Adjustments Vacant 530-757-8928 Kathy Sandhu

Payroll Team 1

Fax 757-8597

 Contact Phone E-mail Supervisor
College of Letters & Science, Info & Educational Technology, Library, Office of Chancellor, Office of Provost, School of Education, School of Medicine, UCD Health, Unviersity Extension
 A - G Anna Mendez 530-757-8929 Melody Benson
 H - O Danya Perry 530-757-8515 Melody Benson
P - Z Brenda Sigmon 530-757-8963 Kathy Sandhu

Payroll Team 2

Fax 757-8597

 Contact Phone E-mail Supervisor
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, College of Engineering, ANR, Office of Research, University Relations, Division of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Management, Graduate Studies
A - K Ciera Webb 530-752-4697 Melody Benson
 L - Z Jana Hamilton 530-757-8544 Melody Benson

Payroll Team 3

Fax 757-8597

 Contact Phone E-mail Supervisor
School of Law, School of Veterinary Medicine, VC Student Affairs, VC Campus Planning, VC Finance/Resource Management, Garnishments & Wage Attachments
 A - G Shawn Pretti 530-757-8925 Kathy Sandhu
 H - O Marcie Cushing 530-757-8942 Kathy Sandhu
P - Z Alyssa Enriquez 530-752-4402 Kathy Sandhu
UC Path Module Leads
Contact Phone E-mail Supervisor

Payroll Lead

Kobe Childs-Floyd 530-757-8919 Cindy Jones
Labor Distribution Lead Theresa Schumacher 530-757-8927 Cindy Jones
Management Team Contact Phone E-mail Supervisor

Payroll Analyst

Melody Benson 530-752-0987 Cindy Jones
Operations Manager Kathy (Stuhr) Sandhu 530-757-8840 Cindy Jones
Tax Issues Diane Davies-Conley 530-752-6155 Michael Allred
Division Manager  Cindy Jones 530-757-8542 Michael Allred

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