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LOG IN TO AGGIEBUY and take advantage of the all-new e-procurement system for Davis campus, School of Medicine, and ANR departments.*

How Can I View Where my Requisition Has Routed?

Visit our AggieBuy Workflow Page to learn how to view the routing of your AggieBuy Requisitions!

Why AggieBuy?

AggieBuy provides many of the items and functions that UCD Buy customers have long wanted, including:

  • More supplier catalogs, as well as the suppliers that were previously available in UCD Buy
  • Ability to split fund at the individual item level
  • A cleaner, easier to use system interface
  • Ability for an approver to return an order for correction or to make edits directly to the order without having to disapprove the order
  • Ability to purchase capital assets

Training and Help Resources

AggieBuy Help Resources are posted on this site.  Click on the links to your left to access ordering and approving instructions, and much more! Classroom training classes are also available if you'd like to interact in a hands-on environment.  And, learn more about the topics for which our Help Desk frequently receives questions, too (updated 12/20/16).

*Hospital users (Chart H) should continue to use UCD Buy for their e-procurement needs.

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