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Payment Methods

Online/Electronic Payments - Pay student bills by e-check or print billing statement; there is no additional fee for paying by e-check


Cash payments must be made in person at the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office.

  • Be sure to get and keep receipts for all cash payments.
  • Do not mail cash or put cash payments in drop boxes.

Checks, Money Orders and Cashier's Checks

Payments in this category must meet the following criteria:
  • Are made payable to the Regents of the University of California or UC Regents
  • The legal amount and written amount fields agree and are completed
  • Are signed
  • Have the current date (post dated checks are not accepted)
  • For student bills, student name, address and identification number must be included with the checks

If you have questions, see How to Write a Check.

Your Bank's Online Bill Payment Service

When setting up this option, ensure that payment is issued to UC Regents and the account number listed is your Student ID (located on your billing statement). The University does not receive electronic payments from your bank. Most banks use a third party to issue the check and mail it out to us. This process can take up to a week before we receive the check. The bank will debit your account based on the date of payment, this does not reflect the date it was received or cashed by UC Davis. To ensure your payment is processed timely, we recommend you verify your MyBill account before our established due date to confirm we have received your payment.   If your payment is not received by the established due date your student may be dropped for non-payment.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are not accepted at the Cashier & Payment Solutions Office.

Discover card can be used for online payments through MyBill only, with a $12.00 per transaction fee.

Wired Funds

Payments can be wired to us through the MyBill website. If you are unable to use My Bill you will need to contact us by e-mail, or at (530) 752-0460 to request other wire options.

UC Davis does not accept overpayments for student accounts. Payments should be made for the exact amount of the bill received. If we receive an overpayment in excess of $500 the payment will be returned and a new payment will need to be initiated. In case of a wire payment, the wire will be returned to the originator in It’s entirety and a new wire for the correct amount will need to be initiated. No overpayment will be held on student accounts from term to term. Any credits on student accounts will be refunded to the students.

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