Training Database Information

The Training database is a practice environment for users that are new to the system or want to try transactions before entering in the Production database.

The Production data for current employees is copied and then cleansed, or scrambled, so that although the information is real, it doesn't match with the actual records in the Production database. This presents some challenges when accessing information for employees in your department if you usually search by their name. Continue reading for how to overcome this situation.

Why is training different than production?

During a security audit in 2012, UCOP determined that we were not adequately protecting UC employee data in the training environment. To that end, UCOP implemented a change in June 2012 to the way production data loads into the training environment. Personal information is “scrubbed” when loading records from production into the Training regions. 

How is training different than production?



ID Number

Remains the same, non-personal data is attached to specific employee ID assigned in Production.


Overlay the first five digits with ‘000-00’.


Disassociate from existing records – that is, assign randomly to different records. Each employee ID has a unique name, but not the real one associated with that employee ID in Production.


Same technique as Employee Name; i.e., disassociate from the existing records and then re-associate them with different records that are not necessarily the same record that has the employee name.

Dependent (s) Name & Spouse Name

Same technique as with employee name, employee will have the same number of dependents, even if their names are different. Reassign spouse names associated with male employees to other male employees and similarly with females.

Phone Number

Assign random digits.

Birth Date

Leave as-is.  Since birth date affects processing, continue to associate the correct birth date with its corresponding employee ID.

Ethnicity & Gender

Leave as is. No longer associated with a name or SSN.

Bank Account (Direct Deposit)

Assign random digits, follows the same format (masked).

How does this impact my access or practice exercises?

This affects those that use the Training database when they try to access employees in their current department. Search by EMPLOYEE ID, not by name or social security number. This does NOT impact reviewers that use the online PAN system since the system validates access against employee ID and not employee name. This does not impact new (made up) employees hired as part of the practice exercises in the Training database.

We are confident that our data is secure, but we understand this may require an additional step to locate the employee ID when accessing an existing employee. The PPS Help Desk is here to assist you, just send us an email at and let us know how we can help. Remember, this is only in the Training Database, Production is unaffected.