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Message Severity Now Message Text Screen Corr on ECON Y/N Comments
08004 Warning Retirement system code is inconsistent with assigned BELI ERET N  
08019 Emp Rej Salaried Appointment must have fixed/variable code EAPP Y  
08021 Emp Rej Salaried appointment must have rate code EAPP Y  
08023 Emp Rej An appt begin date is required EAPP Y  
08024 Emp Rej An appt end date is required EAPP Y  
08025 Emp Rej Title code is required EAPP Y  
08026 Emp Rej Salaried appointment must have a pay schedule code EAPP Y  
08027 Emp Rej Salaried appointment must have a time code EAPP Y  
08028 Emp Rej Salaried appointment must have a leave accrual code EAPP Y  
08042 Emp Rej Salaried distribution must have end date EAPP Y  
08056 Warning Appt Begin Date Follows Appt End Date EAPP Y  
08058 Warning Appt Begin Date Cannot precede date of hire EAPP Y  
08059 Warning Location Account Fund Combination Blank or Invalid EAPP Y  
08062 Emp Rej Dur of empl is T, I or E; appnt end date must be indef EAPP Y  
08069 Emp Rej Dur of empl value requires definite appt end date EAPP Y  
08072 Warning Empl w/appts w/different pay sched codes has leave accrual EAPP Y Example: Summer comp
08098 Informtl Employee's Age is less than sixteen EEID Y Verify if correct
08099 Informtl Employee's Age is over seventy years EEID Y Verify if correct
08103 Emp Rej DOS Code is By Agreement; Dist % must be zero EAPP Y  
08113 Emp Rej Distribution End Date is Before Distribution Begin Date EAPP Y  
08114 Emp Rej Distribution End Date follows Appointment End Date EAPP Y  
08124 Emp Rej Name is required EEID Y  
08125 Emp Rej Date of Hire is Required EPER Y Enter DOH
08126 Emp Rej Citizenship Code is Required EPD1 N Enter code
08127 Warning Social Security number is missing - required EEID Y  
08128 Emp Rej Birth date is required EEID Y  
08129 Emp Rej Student Status Required EPD1 Y Enter code
08130 Emp Rej FICA Eligibility Code is Required ERET N Enter code
08132 Fatal First Street of Permanent address is required EPD1 Y Enter Street Address. Will default to home dept.
08133 Fatal City of Permanent Address is Required EPD1 Y Enter City--if no entry, OK!
08134 Fatal State of Permanent Address is Required EPD1 Y Enter State
08135 Fatal Zip of Permanent Address is Required EPD1 Y Enter zip
08190 Emp Rej Sex Code Missing EPD1 Y Enter code
08191 Emp Rej Ethnicity Code Missing EPD1 N Enter code
08197 Emp Rej Non resident alien has no visa type EALN N Alien data is entered by the Payroll Office
08211 Data Ovr Explicit CBUC does not match derived CBUC-Overridden EPER N/A Use "HELP" to avoid edit message or system will correct
08212 Fatal Employee Relations Code is Blank EPER Y  
08221 Emp Rej No title type found for title code EAPP Y  
08236 Emp Rej Distribution Begin Date is Prior to Appointment Begin Date EAPP Y  
08241 Warning Next Salary Review Date is blank or invalid EPER Y  
08250 Emp Rej Appointment Type Code is blank or invalid value EAPP Y  
08253 Data Ovr Personnel Program code invalid, derived value will be substituted EAPP N/A  
08301 Warning Assigned BELI and Derived BELI inconsistent EPER N/A Derived Beli is based on appt. Verify the appt begin and end date if correct.
08302 Emp Rej Assigned BELI / BELI Eff Date must be supplied for new or re-hire EPER N  
08335 Data Ovr No BELI Effective Date provided, date will be derived EPER N/A  
08336 Data Ovr BELI Effective Date input, no BELI code change EPER N/A  
08370 Impld Mt Cov Comp Limit Code will be set to G Based on hire date(s) ERET N/A Enter a G or N to avoid this warning. Use HELP.
08371 Impld Mt Cov Comp Limit Code will be set to "N" based on hire date(s) ERET N/A  
08373 Warning Covered Comp Limit Code of N with hire date before July 1, 1994 ERET Y  
08375 Impld Mt Cov Comp Limit Code will be set to "N" for Retr Code H or N ERET N  
08454 Emp Rej I-9 date is later than hire date EPD2 N  
08455 Emp Rej Oath signature date required for Citizen EPD2 Y  
08457 Warning Oath Signature not required for Non-citizen EPD2 Y  
08470 Warning Citizen Code R Has no Visa Type EPD1 Y  
08471 Informtl Verify FICA eligibility for alien with F1, J1 visa ERET N/A  
08718 Emp Rej Grade should be blank for staff or academic personnel program code EAPP Y  
08720 Emp Rej Grade invalid for the Personnel Program code EAPP Y  
08723 Emp Rej Last Day on Pay and Separation Date are in Conflict ESEP Y  
08929 Informtl No active or future appointments - primary title code not derived EAPP N/A  
08930 Informtl Unable to derive job group id, primary title not on JGID table EAPP N/A  
08999 Warning Invalid Leave for that Title EAPP Y