Web-based PAN System

Post-Authorization Notification (PAN) is an accronym for the elctronic notification created by PPS when a transaction is entered or updated on an employee record in PPS.

Not all transactions generate a notification (PAN) and not all information is in the update is included in the PAN. The PAN is a summary of the changes entered as part of the transaction and will include both information entered by the preparer, and information updated by the system as a result of information entered by the preparer.

Who receives PAN, and how?

Only the PPS users designated as reviewers on the departmental roles structure will receive the PANs. PPS generates the notification at the time the record is updated in PPS, and is sent to all reviewers at one time. Mandatory reviewers will receive PANs in their web-based PPS PAN inbox, and backup reviewers will receive notifications in their email inbox.

What are PAN Splits?

Departments can choose to designate different mandatory and backup reviewers by type of employee for personnel transactions, known as splits. This division of responsibilities for the PPS PANs allows reviewers to receive only those they are responsible for reviewing, thereby reducing the PANs in their inbox. 

Where can I learn more?

Enroll in a PPS Post-Authorization Notices Lab through Staff Development. Contact the PPS Help Desk if you have any questions or concerns.