General Information

PPS is no longer the payroll system used by UC Davis

UC Davis transitioned to using UCPath in September 2019.

PPS now offers access to historical information on UC Davis employees hired prior to September 2019. 

Authorized employees are assigned a PPS user ID and temporary password when their PPS account is created.  This information is used to access the database through software installed on the employee's work computer. This is called CICS PPS and is usually accessed through an icon on the desktop. 

An alternate option for access is through the internet and is not limited to  computers that have the software installed. This online option is usually referred to as Online or Web-based PPS, and does have some limitations on what information can be viewed or updated.

PPS is comprised of sections, or screens, to view employee records.  Access to this information is carefully controlled based on the business needs of the department and the PPS user.

  • EDB Inquiry-only screens: View payroll/ personnel employee database information through August 2019 
  • Online Payroll Time Reporting System (OPTRS) screens: Payroll transaction data

Navigating in PPS

By using function keys and navigation tools, users move through the screens(s). 


Post Authorization Notification (PAN) contains essential review and audit information, including:

  • Type of action performed
  • Employee affected
  • User ID of individual updating the record
  • Date and time of update
  • Before and after data fields in record(s) updated

PPS Reporting

PPS Decision Support (PPS-DS) is the web-based reporting tool that uses the local PPS Data Warehouse. The Payroll/Personnel data from Office of the President is loaded onto a local server where users can query using a tool like Microsoft Access, or the more-popular web-based reports to access the data.