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The Furniture Program provides fast and convenient office furniture services for campus and School of Medicine customers, including online furniture catalogs, design and selection assistance, order placement, and timely, high quality installation services. The Furniture Program also mediates and resolves vendor/client issues which might arise in the furniture process.

Note: Furniture customers from UC Davis Medical Center departments, as well as School of Medicine departments located in Sacramento, should contact Facilities Planning at (916) 734-6570 to discuss their furniture needs.

Why the Furniture Program?

The Furniture Program was created in response to requests to provide a one-stop campus shop for centralized responsive and customer-driven furniture services. We feature high-quality services, provided by an experienced design team and installation crew!

How Does the Furniture Program Save Me Money?

Outside vendors provide UC campuses with several options for acquiring furniture:
  • Turnkey: Under this option, campus users pay for design and installation assistance whether or not they need such services, since a lower discount is applied to all orders. Under the Turnkey option, vendor designers have an incentive to use more components, in expensive lines, to maximize profits. Departments are locked into paying for design services regardless of whether or not they are needed.
  • Drop Shipment: Because we have a campus Furniture Program, UC Davis was able to opt for a Drop Shipment level of service, where the outside vendor delivers furniture, but does not provide additional services to the campus. This option is more inexpensive than turnkey.

The Furniture Program is at least 15% less expensive than the turnkey contract option. Departments choose the level of assistance and service they want for each project or order and pay only for the services that they require. The Furniture Program provides greater discounts for all products and allows departments to arrange for additional services from other agreement vendors (at an additional cost) only when needed. This option gives departments more "choice" in their furniture selection and customization.

What Services Does the Furniture Program Provide?

  • A full-service option includes design, selection assistance, delivery and installation of furniture items, and invoice processing. Browse our site to see the variety of services we offer, including office chair rentals.
  • For projects where departments work directly with an off campus designer, the Furniture Program processes the orders and invoice payments, and serves as an advocate in mediating any vendor/client issues which might arise.
  • The Furniture Program coordinates furniture services with Purchasing, Bargain Barn, Salvage Operations and other campus units.

Can I See It Before I Buy It?

Absolutely! If you want to see and try components before making your purchase, the Furniture Program maintains a campus showroom for commonly purchased furniture items, including sample workstations and seating options. The contract servicing dealer, United Corporate Furnishings (UCF), maintains a larger showroom of Steelcase products in Sacramento.

To view our showroom or meet with one of our designers, please contact or 754-5856 to schedule an appointment.

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