Process Improvement

Process Improvement (PI) involves identifying, analyzing and improving existing business processes within an organization to meet new standards of quality and efficiency. 

Process Improvement is:

  • An ongoing, evolutionary way to do business.
  • An effort to improve the quality of processes, services or products.
  • A methodology focused on eliminating activities that don’t add value.

What is the value?

Results of a process improvement effort can be measured in the enhancement of product quality, customer satisfaction, increased productivity, development of skills, efficiency and increased profit. Good business processes enable efficient and effective operations and empower employees to succeed.

Partnership Opportunities

Whether you need to create a new process or redesign an existing one, OBT can help.

  1. Process Reviews: this approach to process improvement engages stakeholders in an analysis of the current state of operations, identifying problems, envisioning an improved future state and documenting steps to achieve that vision

  2. Lean Process Improvement: this approach uses the Lean Six Sigma methodology (DMAIC) to define value from a customer perspective; process improvements focus on delivering value and reducing waste

  3. Best Practice Research: researching best practices from other universities and organizations, OBT will collect research on a specific topic/issue and facilitate the discussion on how best practices can be incorporated into your department

  4. Consultation: unsure of what tools are right for you? Schedule a meeting with Office of Business Transformation to discuss the issue(s) your department is trying to address and we can advise you on a course of action that meets your needs, given the support mechanisms across the university, not just the services available through OBT.