A&FS Training

MyTravel Exercises

Exercise 1 - Logging In

In this exercise you will be logging into the systems we'll be using for class.

  1. Log into the MyTravel test system as follows:

    • If you are in a class, please use the trainee login ID and password that corresponds to the student number you were given.
    • If you are outside of class, please select a trainee login ID and password from the list below.
  2. Log into FIS Decision Support.

MyTravel Trainee Login IDs

If you are in a class, please use the Login ID and Password that corresponds to the student number you were given to log into the MyTravel test system.

If you are outside of class, please select a Login ID and Password from the second list.

  • Student #2 jnjwilli
  • Student #3 winchenb
  • Student #4 vsaini
  • Student #7 clmarken
  • Student #8 szmatsis
  • Student #9 jaringo
  • Student #18 cfenton

If you are completing these exercises outside of class, please select any one of the Login ID/Password sets from this table to use for logging into the MyTravel test system. Note: These IDs will not allow for completion of the imported expenses scenario in exercise 7.

  • Student #2  nevantas
  • Student #4  kdfine

Exercise 2 - Arrange Travel

You have received approval to attend a conference in Los Angeles. The conference will be on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of next month, from 8 AM to 5 PM. You will fly from Sacramento on Monday afternoon and will return on Wednesday night. At the airport, you will pick up a rental car. Since you don't yet have a corporate card, you would like a $400 cash advance to help cover expenses.

What 5 travel arrangements are required?

Exercise 2 - Solution

  1. Register for the conference
  2. Book the flight
  3. Reserve the hotel room
  4. Reserve a car
  5. Request a cash advance

Exercise 3 - Pre-Trip Payment

In this exercise, you will register yourself for the conference and request a cash advance. Note: Only those with DaFIS Transaction Processing access will be able to complete this exercise.

Using the Make a Pre-Trip Payment system, submit a request for pre-payment to register for the Computer Training World conference in Los Angeles. The conference registration form must be mailed in with the check.

  1. On the login screen, use the ID that corresponds to your training ID.
  2. A check should be sent to A & E Service Company in Fresno, CA.
  3. Charge this expense to chart 3, account 6620001.
  4. The fee to register is $999.
  5. If you are in class, disregard the prompt to print (a printer is not available).

Complete a pre-trip payment for a $400 cash advance.

  1. The payment should be deposited directly into your bank account.
  2. Explain that the $400 will be used for lodging ($200), car rental ($100) and meals ($100).
  3. Use chart 3, account 6620001.

Exercise 4 - Airfare

Using the Travel Web site, look up the YCAL rate from Sacramento to Los Angeles and back. Look at the rate listed in the "YCAL Unrestricted Fare" column.

Exercise 5 - Car Rental

Using the Travel Web site, look up the rate for a compact car rental from National.

Exercise 6 - Set Up Delegate

In this exercise, you will practice setting up a delegate in MyTravel.

You travel frequently but never seem to have enough time to create your own travel expense reports. Assign a classmate or co-worker as a delegate in MyTravel so they can prepare reports for you and view receipts (Hint: start by clicking on the MyInfo icon located in the upper right corner of the MyTravel center. You can also view the Creating a Delegate for Report Preparation tutorial available on our tutorials page).

Exercise 6 - Solution

  1. In MyTravel, click on the MyInfo icon (upper right corner)
  2. Click on Delegates
  3. Click on Add Delegate
  4. Use the Employee Helper pane to locate your partner’s name
  5. If a checkmark does not appear in the box to the left of Can Prepare, click the box
  6. Click on the box to the left of Can view receipt images; a check mark should appear in the box
  7. Click on OK
  8. Click on Done

Exercise 7 - Scenario 1 - Basic report; no imported expenses

You need to submit an expense report for an internet security conference in Los Angeles. You attended the conference to learn techniques to block virus attacks. Here are the incurred expenses:

  • Registration fee for the conference was $700
  • You departed Monday of last week at 7:00 AM and returned Wednesday of last week at 4:30 PM.
  • You used Southwest Airlines, coach class, at a total cost of $350.
  • Meals and incidentals – first day, $40; second day, $50; third day, $42
  • You checked into the Days Inn on Monday night of last week and stayed 2 nights, for a total expense of $165: $75 per night, plus $7.50 per night tax.
  • You used SuperShuttle to travel between home and the airport, at a cost of $19 each way.

All expenses are out of pocket and should be charged to chart-account 3-6620001. All of these expenses are reimbursable to you. You should be paid by direct deposit.

Exercise 7 - Scenario 2 - Basic report; imported expenses

You traveled to UCLA for a Human Resources conference to learn about current trends in recruiting. All of your expenses were charged to your Corporate Card, so you will need to pull those transactions into your report. Note: Transport to and from the airport was by department car, and shuttle to and from the airport was free. The conference was UC sponsored, so there was no charge. Your expenses were as follows:

  • You flew Southwest airlines, coach class, roundtrip from Sacramento to Los Angeles, for a total cost of $220.56. You departed on 9/1/07 at 7:30 AM; you returned on 9/3/07 at 6:30 PM.
  • You stayed at Double Tree Hotels for two nights (9/1/07 and 9/2/07) at a total cost of $315.75 (1st night: $139 room and $13.30 tax; 2nd night: $149 room and $14.45/night for room tax).
  • Your meals and incidentals were as follows: 9/1/07, $28; 9/2/07, $42; 9/3/07, $16
  • The entire report should be charged to chart 3, account 6620001.

All expenses should be reimbursable to your corporate card account.

Do NOT submit this report. If you are completing this exercise in class, you will be asked to delete it before the end of class. If you are completing this exercise outside of class, please delete it when you finish it.

Exercise 7 - Scenario 3 - Vehicle registration; different lodging rates; groceries

You took a trip to Ashland, Oregon, as part of your research on professional theatre companies. There were no good airline options, so you drove. Note: You’ll need to register your vehicle before creating the report (Hint: Click on the MyInfo icon). One night that you stayed in the hotel you rented a movie, which you will record as a personal expense.

  • You left at 6:00 AM on Friday of last week and returned at 12:20 PM on Sunday.
  • Mileage was 291 each way.
  • You stayed at the Stratford Inn, for a total bill of $279.95 ($125/night for the room, $10/night room tax, $9.95 for a movie).
  • The room had a kitchenette, so you bought groceries the first day for $79 and used those for all of your meals.
  • All but the movie are reimbursable to you.
  • The entire report should be charged equally to chart 3, account 6620012 and chart 3, account 6620001, sub-account 00055.

UCD will reimburse you for everything except for the personal expenses.

Exercise 7 - Scenario 4 - Foreign travel with per diem itinerary

You traveled to London for an International Herpetology Conference to present your findings on red legged frogs. Since you will claim per diems, you will need to first complete a Per Diem Itinerary before creating a report. The details are:

  • You departed from Davis at 8:45 AM on 3/1/08, arriving in London at 5:45 AM on 3/2/08.
  • You left London at 3:00 PM on 3/4/08, returning to Davis at 8:00 PM on 3/4/08.
  • You took a shuttle from home to the airport, and from the airport to your home; cost was $10 each time.
  • Reimbursement method should be direct deposit.
  • The roundtrip flight, on United Airlines, was $700.
  • You claim lodging and meal per diem rates.

The expenses are reimbursable to you. The account to charge is 3-6620001.

Note: All expenses are out of pocket; do not use imported charges.

Exercise 7 - Scenario 5 - Foreign travel with currency conversion

You returned from Germany where you attended a seminar on brewing techniques to prolong shelf life of beer. Now you are requesting reimbursement for actual expenses instead of claiming per diem for lodging and meals. Here are the details:

  • You left Sacramento, CA on 2/1/08 at 10:00 AM and arrived in Frankfurt, Germany on 2/2/08 at 8:00 AM.
  • You left Frankfurt, Germany on 2/3/08 at 1:00 PM and arrived in Sacramento on 2/3/08 at 9:00 PM.
  • Transportation to and from Germany was on Continental Airlines ($800, out-of-pocket).
  • While in Germany, you paid 200 Euros out of pocket for 1 night’s stay at Amsterdam Hotels Org., $30 for meals on 2/1, 55 Euros for meals on 2/2, and 20 Euros for meals on 2/3.
  • You are requesting reimbursement in US dollars.
  • Use account 3-6620001.

Exercise 7 - Scenario 6 - Entertainment

You and a colleague, W.J. Clinton, took Dr. Jon Stewart to dinner yesterday, as part of a recruitment for a Political Science faculty position.

  • The three of you dined at Soga's, in Davis.
  • The total for the three of you was $134.97.
  • Use account 3-6620001.

The expenses are all out of pocket and are reimbursable to you.

Exercise 8 - FIS DS Reports

In FIS Decision Support, use the reports under the Travel and Entertainment category to determine the following for your department for the current fiscal year (if no results, use calendar year or leave the date range blank):

  1. Number of expense reports with a payment status of “not paid”
  2. The amount of your department’s highest paid expense report
    • The traveler’s name
    • The account(s) used on the report
    • Check number(s)
  3. Who approves expense reports for your department? Does the person who approves your travel reports also approve the entertainment reports?