A&FS Training

Labor Distribution Exercises

Exercise 1 - Logging In

In this exercise, log into the KFS Test Environment using your campus login ID and Kerberos passphrase. The Test Environment is used for training purposes, but is not used for any Production transactions. You may or may not see Production data.

After logging in, look at the Labor Distribution section on the Main Menu screen. If you don't see a Salary Expense Transfer link in that section, use the login field (in the upper right corner of your KFS screen) to log in as user JIMBOB. You will then see the document.

Discussion Question: If you weren't able to see it before, what do you think the reason might be?

Exercise 2 - Benefit Rate Search

In this exercise, you will use various search criteria on the Benefit Rate Search lookup to learn about its basic functionality and view benefit rate percentages for different employee classifications.

  1. On the Main Menu, click on the Benefit Rate Search link in the Labor Distribution channel.
  2. On the lookup, let's locate the benefit rate group percent for the Professional Librarian Title Unit Code for chart 3 for fiscal year 2012. If you don't know the title unit code for the Professional Librarian employee series, how can you locate it?

    Discussion Questions:

    What kind of results do you get? What happens if you change the Chart to L and run the search again?

    Note: Keep in mind that the composite benefit rates will be automatically applied based on the chart(s) of account being cited on your Salary Expense Transfer document.

    Why isn't there a Chart H available on the Chart Code drop-down menu?

Exercise 3 - Performing an Employee Lookup

In this exercise, you will use the KFS Person Lookup to search for an employee.

  1. On the KFS Main Menu, click on the Salary Expense Transfer link in the Labor Distribution channel.
  2. Next to the Emp(loyee) ID field is a lookup icon. Click on the icon to do a search on the Person Lookup. Enter your first and last name and do a search. Try another search with only your last name or some other piece of search criteria. When using this search screen, what can you do if you get too many results? What can you do if you get no results?
  3. Make sure you select an employee with an ID number; click on the Return Value link.

Exercise 4 - Using the Labor Ledger Entry Lookup

In this exercise, you will use various search criteria on the Ledger Entry Lookup to learn about its basic functionality.

  1. On the SET document, click on the Get Accounting Lines lookup icon to access the Ledger Entry Lookup screen.
  2. Click on the Search button with only the default criteria (employee ID) entered. Did you get results? What are the earliest results? How can you tell?
  3. Select one of the accounting lines from your results, and click on the appropriate button to return the result to the main screen of your document. Notice that there are buttons for selecting and returning all results on the current page and for selecting and returning all results on all pages.

Exercise 5 - Completing a Salary Expense Transfer Document

In this exercise, you will complete and submit a Salary Expense Transfer (SET) document.

  1. In the From section of the SET, you will see Copy and Copy All buttons. If you have multiple account lines, you can simply click on the Copy All button to copy ALL lines to the To section at one time.
  2. In the To section, enter Chart 3 and account 6620110. Enter any amount in the Amount field, up to the amount listed in the Remaining Amount listed in the From section. When you tab out of the Amount field in the To section, the Remaining Amount field in the From section will automatically update.
  3. Make sure you have an adequate explanation entered on your SET document. An explanation that simply indicates "to transfer payroll expense" is not sufficient. The Explanation field should clearly state the REASON why the salary expense is being transferred.
  4. Click the Submit button. Did you receive any error messages? If so, what do they say? How can you resolve them?

Discussion Questions:

  • If you wanted to add another accounting line to the To section, how could you do it?
  • What are the time limit restrictions on transferring a payroll expense? Is there a difference for Contracts & Grants (C&G) accounts? Are there any special requirements/pre-approvals needed for transfers to C&G accounts?

Exercise 6 - Labor Distribution Document Lookup / Routing

In this exercise, we'll look at how the SET document routes.

  1. Click on the Doc Search button.
  2. Do a search on the SET document that you just submitted:
    • To whom is the document routing?

When will the transaction post to the ledger?

Exercise 7 - Using the Payroll Expense Distribution Report (339)

In this exercise, we'll look at the FIS DS report for viewing payroll transactions. Please note that this report will display transactions for July 2011 and forward. Past transactions will not show up on this report; use the PPS DS 7 or PPS DS 104 reports for historical data. .

  1. Go to the Payroll Expense Distribution Report (339).
  2. Click on the Show Validation Rules button to identify the optional and required fields.
  3. Enter your desired search criteria and click the Process Query button.
  4. If you wish, click on the Schedule Query button and identify when you want the report emailed to you.