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Make Sure Your Employees' Timesheets Are Approved in Your Absence

As a Supervisor, you are responsible for getting your employees' timesheets approved by the established deadlines.  If you will be out of the office on the day your timesheet approval is due, you should make arrangements with your Backup Supervisor to have them approved, or plan on approving them before you leave.  Failure to approve employee timesheets by the established deadlines can result in the employee not getting paid or getting paid late.

In TRS, there is a primary supervisor, a backup supervisor, and an optional backup supervisor role. The primary supervisor is the individual that is most aware of the employee’s work schedule and is generally the one that will review and approve the employee’s timesheet. The backup/optional backup supervisors are the individuals that can approve the employee’s timesheet in the primary supervisor’s absence. Before taking action on any employee timesheet for which you are the backup /optional backup supervisor, you should contact the primary supervisor of that employee first.

There is also user guide available for Supervisors.

The tips below can be helpful for efficiency within the system for supervisors:

  • Return timesheets to employees for correction instead of directly making the changes on the timesheet. You should only edit the timesheet for the employee if the employee is unavailable to do so.
  • Click the workflow icon on a timesheet to see routing comments.
  • Submit the timesheet to the Department Time Administrator (DTA) before the deadlineFailure to approve a timesheet by the established deadline may result in the employee not getting paid or delay their pay.    Supervisors who will be out of the office should make plans to approve timesheets before their departure or ensure that the backup supervisor will approve the employee timesheet(s) in their absence.  

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