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Shift Differential Calculation

This page provides information on shift differential and how it currently works in TRS. 

Currently, when an employee works hours AFTER 5pm or BEFORE 8am in the SAME day, the system is adding up ALL of the hours worked AFTER 5pm and BEFORE 8am to determine shift differential eligibility. Even though the hours do not meet the required 4+ hours after 5pm and before 11pm for SDF or 4+ hours after 11pm and before 8am, shift differential is being calculated for ALL of the hours worked on those affected days.

These hours must be manually fixed in OPTRS (rosters) after the timesheet has been submitted to PPS. Please double check all employees receiving SDF and make the necessary corrections as needed. We are reviewing this issue further and appreciate your patience.Example:Employee works: 5:30am - 11am, 1:30pm - 7:30pmTRS is adding the 2.5 hours worked before 8am and the 2.5 hours worked after 5pm together, and SDF is calculated for the shift when it should not be. Here is what you will need to do:

    1. In TRS, submit the employee timesheet to PPS.
    2. Manually go into OPTRS (rosters) and make the adjustments so that no SDF is reported.
  • Some Shift Differential (SDF) Eligible Title codes not being flagged as SDF eligible in TRS; Anyone with title code 5333 is affected, but other codes may be affected as well. We are continuing to analyze this issue.

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