Time Reporting System

Benefits of TRS

There are many benefits to using TRS, including:

  • Directly integrated with PPS-OPTRS, using real-time UCOP Time Reporting System web service
  • Validation against UC time and attendance business rules for multiple employee types
  • At the time of timesheet approval validations are performed against the payroll system distributions
  • Support for bargaining units
  • Automatically calculates shift differentials based on collective bargaining agreements
  • Automated loading of new or updated appointments
  • Meets UCOP (UC Office of the President), Federal and State time reporting policies
  • Timesheet displays supervisor, distribution, percentage and Full Accounting Unit (FAU) information
  • Detailed timesheet workflow information from initiation to payroll system update; including any payroll system update errors as well as payroll system successful completion messages.
  • Performs retroactive time calculations for late timesheets
  • Supports multiple employee types
  • Allows for multiple job assignments and multiple funding sources
  • Automatically calculates overtime and holiday hours
  • Facilitates alternate work schedules, including 4/40 and 9/80
  • Automated email reminders
  • Timesheet workflow: See where timesheet is and who approved it and when
  • Allows for work schedule management component
  • Multiple reporting options for Department Time Administrators
  • Calculates retroactive vacation lost in arrears and overtime for partial week in previous timesheet.

Proposed Future Enhancements (Benefits) include:

  • Work Study Tracking component
  • Real-time Leave Accrual component
  • Clock System interface

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