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E-mail Notifications

The Time Reporting System automatically generates e-mails to assist you in meeting deadlines and to alert you to changes that may be needed for a timesheet. These e-mails come from the trshelp@ucdavis.edu e-mail address. These system-generated e-mails are sent to your e-mail address listed in the campus directory. If you do not receive the system-generated e-mails, you may want to check your spam/junk folders to ensure that they are not being delivered there.

Because there is always a possibility that a system-generated e-mail will not be received, we recommend that you enter the applicable deadlines in your calendar.

E-mails are sent to the EMPLOYEE when:
  • Timesheet is due (generally sent morning of day timesheet is due, except for biweekly employees where reminder is sent day BEFORE it is due)
  • Timesheet is late (sent day after timesheet is due)
  • Supervisor has returned timesheet for corrections (supervisor comments will be included in e-mail)
  • Supervisor has made changes to the Employee's timesheet (e-mail will include link to the Time Reporting System where Employee can view reason why timesheet was modified)
  • Supervisor has ap[proved the Employee's timesheet
E-mails are sent to the PRIMARY SUPERVISOR when:
  • Employee timesheet approval deadline has been reached (sent morning of day timesheet approval is due)
  • Employee has submitted their timesheet past their due date
  • Department Time Administrator has returned Employee's timesheet to Supervisor for corrections
  • System E-mail notifications are not sent to Backup or Optional Backup Supervisors.
E-mails are sent to the DEPARTMENT TIME ADMINISTRATOR when:
  • New employees are loaded into TRS and are available for initial supervisor (Primary and Backup) assignment
  • Updated (changed) assignments have been made in PPS for existing employees in TRS
  • The employee has multiple appointments and a newly submitted timesheet for one of those appointments may generate a re-calculation of prior timesheet(s) submitted. This notice is sent to all DTAs (even in various departments) for the employee.
  • PPS entry for an employee was updated (appointment and/or distribution) and the submitted time was blocked. This notice is only sent after the timesheet data has been successfully submitted to the PPS roster AND the PPS change occurred after submission to PPS but prior to the DTA deadline.
  • A supervisor submits an approved timesheet after the DTA deadline date and time; this usually occurs when a supervisor approves a timesheet from a prior pay period.

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