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Installing PPS

PPS is the Payroll/Personnel System maintained by Office of the President. The system offers two types of databases, one for practicing transactions called Training (or Test), and the other for storing and maintaing current and historical information on UCD employees, called Production.  Authorized employees are assigned a PPS userID and temporary password when their PPS account is created.  This information is used to access either Production or Training databases through software installed on the employee's work computer. This is called CICS PPS and is usually accessed through an icon on the desktop.  An alternate option for accessing both Production and Training PPS databases is through the internet and is not limited to  computers that have the software installed.  This online option is usually referred to as Online or Web-based PPS, and does have some limitations on what information can be viewed or updated.

The following information will assist users with installation of the CICS PPS software

1. Windows 7, 64 bit systems (QWS3270):

2. Macintosh Systems (TN3270):

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