Payroll Personnel System

Update Structure in DRS

This resource is designed to provide basic instructions for updating your PPS and OPTRS structures. If more detailed instructions are needed please use the guide to Update a Structure in DRS System, and select Monitor/Approve Status of Dept Roles Structure from drop‐down menu.

1. Current user of FIS Web Applications?

  • Yes—Login at
    1. Select PPS/OPTRS Departmental Roles Sructure from FIS Web Applications menu
  • No—Use Web Role Maintenance Document to get access
    1. Leave Role Name field blank, click Search button
    2. Select Edit for either Departmental Roles OPTRS Editor or Departmetnal Roles PPS Editor
    3. Add brief Description and short Explanation
    4. In New Member section, add your campus login ID in the Role Member field and click Add button
    5. Scroll to bottom of document and click Submit button
    6. Approval usually updated overnight

2. Review current structure using Display Dept Roles Structure on menu

3. Use Create New Version link to make changes

4. Confirm new users on structure have applicable access in PPS/OPTRS

  • Yes—add to structure in role
  • No—submit updated PPS/OPTRS application, add to structure

5. Save status as Ready for Officer Approval

6. Wait for confirmation email from PPS Administrator (sent only to those on updated structure)

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