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Reporting Changes to PPS/OPTRS Access

Every department is responsible for keeping their PPS & OPTRS Structures current and in compliance. All changes should be forwarded prior to the effective date to ensure compliance and adequate processing time.

  • Current PPS users requiring access to other home dept code(s) due to new or a change in responsibilities must also submit the PPS Access/Change Application.

  • All changes impacting a PPS entry/update organizational structure must be reported to the PPS Access Officer for approval as soon as the impact is known. To locate the name of your PPS Access Officer, visit the PPS Officers & Coordinators web page.

  • To update the PPS Departmental Organization Structure, the following information is necessary:All OPTRS changes ( add, change or delete users) must be submitted on DRS OPTRS Structure.

    1. Name and UserID of each person responsible for the organizational roles
    2. If organizational roles are based upon employee types or splits (i.e. faculty, research, non-student PSS, MSP, etc), indicate in the applicable areas of the structure
    3. The home department code the request covers
    4. Any special conditions (see PAN Info page for additional information)
  • Password resets to PPS or OPTRS can be requested using the PPS Password Reset Form.

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