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Password Reset Request

User passwords can become invalid for a number of reasons including not updating it for over 180 days, or multiple attempts at access with an incorrect password. If you receive a message stating User Access Revoked  or Login or password incorrect you will need to submit a request to reset your password. Completing this process will give you a temporary password which will need to be updated the first time you go into PPS. Instructions for changing your password can be found on the Change Password page.

Process for requesting a password reset:

  • User submits a request using the Help Request form
  • PPS Help Desk receives request and resets password
  • PPS Help Desk sends temporary password to user
  • User receives e-mail (from, links to website from e-mail and retrieves temporary password
    NOTE: Read the instructions carefully with regard to accessing the website. Use your Kerberos ID and password to login to the website; you have 5 minutes to record the temporary password (password is good for 7 days). The temporary password will only be visible the first time you log in. Additional attempts will not provide additional passwords.
  • User enters temporary password to access PPS and establishes a new password

For more on resetting or changing your PPS password see our FAQ.

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